1. Why are the Review & Study Guides at TherapyEd so much less expensive than on Amazon or other sites?

Because we are publisher of the Review & Study Guides we offer the books at the least expensive price anywhere. Everyone else buys the books from us and then re-sells them at a higher price elsewhere. All books from TherapyEd include access to the practice exams online.

2. Do you offer discounts on the book if we buy them in bulk as a class?

Yes, we offer a Class Order discount for bulk purchases of the Review & Study Guides. The bulk order pricing and order form can be requested by phone or email.

3. I already bought the Review & Study Guide and now want to take the course. Is the course less expensive because I already have the Guide?

Yes, because you have already bought the Review & Study Guide you can register for the course at the less expensive "Course without Guide" price. This way you do not end up buying the book twice when you take the course.

Is this true even though I bought the book someplace other than from TherapyEd?

Yes. Just check the box indicating you already have the book and then enter the month and year (approximately) you got it.

4. How long are the courses?

The PT and OT courses are each two full days. The PTA and OTA courses are one full day.

5. What time do the courses begin?

Sign-in for the courses begins at 8:00am and the course starts up at 8:30am. For a full course schedule click on the link to your course.


6. Do you ship the Review & Study Guides internationally?

Yes, we ship our textbooks all around the world. The shipping and handling to send the book to Canada is $25. Shipping and handling cost to ship it to other countries is $50. It usually takes from 7-10 days to arrive depending on the country being shipped to. Please note, our Review & Study Guides are only intended to prepare you for US licensure exams.

7. What shipping options do you offer in the United States?

We ship the book from Illinois via UPS Ground with an expected arrival between 2-4 days, or we ship the book via USPS media mail and expected arrival is within 5-10 days.

8. What score on the practice exams correlates to passing the exam?

Because the FSBPT and NBCOT (the licensing and certification bodies) do not release the exams there is no way to precisely correlate the TherapyEd practice exams to the actual exams. Nonetheless, our experience over 25 years has found that if you score 80% or better on the practice exams you should do well on the actual exam. If you score in the range of 70% you are borderline, and if you are below 70% more studying is indicated.

9. Is there a deadline to register for the course?

There is no deadline to sign-up for a course. However we recommend that students register at least 2 weeks prior to the course date if possible.  This allows us to better estimate the number of Course Manuals to provide for distribution at class.  If necessary, you can register up to the day before or even the day of the course, however we cannot guarantee there will be enough Course Manuals available; in this instance, we'll ship the manual to your home address and you'll receive it after the course.

10. If I register late how will I get the Review & Study Guide in time for the course?

You are not required to have the Review & Study Guide in the course itself.  When you attend the course, you will receive the Course Manual and follow the instructor's presentation.  These materials are unique to the class and not duplicated in the Review & Study Guide.  If you register late for the course you can use standard shipping and receive the Review & Study Guide after the course with no problem.

11. Can I make an audio or video recording of the course?

No audio or video recordings of the course are permitted.

12. I have taken the NPTE and not passed it and now my state board is requiring me to take a remedial course before I can take the exam again. Does this course meet the requirements as a remedial course for my state board?

Yes, this course is accepted by state boards as a remedial course. Once you complete the course we will send out a Certificate of Completion to you and the state board of your choice. Please email us after completing the course and we will send out the certificate of completion upon request.

13. I want to take the course but I don't see one in my area. What can I do?

We post all current courses on the website and we are always adding new courses as they are confirmed. If you cannot find an on-campus course near you, then you can take one of our live ONLINE courses. We offer the course online at least once every three months and you can find an register for an online course on our course listing page. In addition, if you would like to set up an on-campus course, you can email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we can work to organize one near you.

14. I want to take the course but my school does not offer it. How can I bring the course to my school?

We would be happy to give the course at your school. Just contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let us know what school you go to and when you would like the course. We will then work to schedule the course at your school.

15. I have lost the USB in my earlier edition of the Review & Study Guide. Do I need to buy the book again or can I get a replacement?

Since we have moved all our exams online it is not possible to get a replacement USB. We can offer access to the exams online if you have lost the original USB. Call us toll-free at 888/369-0743. Access to the online exams is $50 and will be given to you immediately.

16. The USB that came with my earlier edition of the Study Guide does not work. It is defective/I get an error message. What should I do?

Please follow the instructions below. We no longer offer the Review & Study Guides with USB's as we have moved all TherapyEd exams to our online portal. If your USB from a past edition still does not work after taking the troubleshooting steps below, we may still be able to offer assistance. Please call us at call us at 888/369-0743 and we may be able to offer you access to our online learning portal.

 Troubleshooting USB Practice Exam Errors


Please note that this software downloads to your computer's hard drive.  The latest Adobe Air program is needed to be able to open and use the practice exam software (in the same way you need Adobe Acrobat to open a PDF document).  Most people need to install or upgrade the Adobe Air reader on their computer.

Refer to the instructions below if you received a message similar to the following:

"The application could not be installed because the installer file is damaged. Try obtaining a new installer file from the application author.”



1.  Go to http://get.adobe.com/air to download the latest adobe air software.

2.  Restart your computer.

3.  Reinsert the CD or USB.  Choose "Click here for Mac" or "Click her for PC".

4.  Locate the file that ends with ".AIR"

2.  Right click this file and select "Open with..."

3.  Select "Adobe Air" to open the file.


If you are still getting an error message:

  1. Open the Control Panel, or About This Mac, to locate the Operating System (OS) you are using, the Processor speed (X.XXGHz), and the available physical memory.
  2. Next, open the Adobe Air website and COMPARE the SYSTEM REQUIRMENTS.
  3. Be sure you're using an Administrator Account or User account with permission to download programs on the computer.
  4. To ensure your Practice Exam has started, you will see a new window open welcoming you to the Practice Exam

For MAC Users:

If your OS is 10.12.10 or later, please follow this recommended link: http://www.tech-recipes.com/rx/45404/mac-downloaded-app-is-damaged-and-cant-be-opened-error-solved/.  The latest Mac Operating Systems only allow downloads from the Mac store, and that security setting will need to be changed.


 As a recommendation, before starting your exams:

  1. Allow the software to generate the first RANDOM exam to ensure you are being properly tested on ALL Domains, Categories, & Content. Leave all boxes Un-Checked under Domain, Categories, or Content in order to generate this random exam and select Start Exam.
  2. WHEN EXITING the exam, be sure to click the Exit Exam button on the top right and/or by clicking the “X” button closing the window. This will ensure your progress is stored.



17. Is the Review & Study Guide sold in bookstores?

Some university bookstores buy the book from us and have it available for students.  However, retail bookstores do not sell our books. The only place you are guaranteed availability of the most current version is on this site.

18. How often are the Review & Study Guides updated?

The NPTE Review & Study Guide is updated every year and the new edition comes out in the fall. For example, the 2019 NPTE Review & Study Guide first came out in mid-October, 2018.

The NBCOT Review & Study Guide is updated every two to four years to remain current with the exam outline.

The PTA and COTA Review & Study Guides are updated every two to five years.

19. There is bad weather forecast for the upcoming course I am scheduled to take. Will the course be held?

We make every effort to give courses on the days they are scheduled for. On rare occasions, such as in severe weather when a school campus is closed, we are forced to re-schedule a course. If this is a possibility, we will notify you via email to let you know the status of the course.

20. I have the Review & Study Guide, but would like to purchase the Course Manual as well. Can I buy the Course Manual without taking the course?

The Course Manual is only given out at the course and is not sold separately.

21. What is the TherapyEd return policy for the Review & Study Guides?

We offer a 30-day return policy for individual sales of the Review & Study Guides.  You can return your Review & Study Guide within 30 days of purchasing the book.  You will be refunded the full price of the text. Returns are not available if the online exams have been accessed.

22. What types of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover cards online, with all charges made in U.S. dollars.  We also accept checks and money orders denominated in U.S. dollars and sent to our office. Charges are for the exact amount of the course or book: No taxes are charged for transactions.

Great instructor! 10/10. This course is awesome. I feel more prepared for my exam studying. Information was presented in a clear and concise manner!!

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