The Path to Success is built on the five essential steps for effective exam preparation. Each step complements the last to broaden your knowledge, deepen your understanding, and sharpen important test-taking skills.

  1. Motivate

    With motivation, you gain inspiration. Our expert instructors spark your enthusiasm for studying and help focus your exam preparation.

    The Prep Class creates a motivational learning environment that is individual, responsive, immediate and dynamic.

  2. Review

    With review, you gain knowledge. The more you study, the more you learn, retain and recall.

    The Review & Study Guides provide the most comprehensive review in easy-to-understand outline format and covers all topics on the exam.



  3. Analyze

    With analysis, you gain expertise. We teach you to analyze questions, think critically, and make the connection between theory and practice.

    The Prep Manual offers extensive study tips, test-taking strategies, an abbreviated content review, as well as a "roadmap" to the Review & Study Guide, self-assessment forms for each chapter and study plan forms.

  4. Practice

    With practice, you gain experience. Diagnose strengths and weaknesses and practice test-taking skills.

    The Review & Study Guides includes three complete practice exams to improve your performance.

  5. Apply

    With application, you gain confidence. Apply what you’ve learned to create a successful study plan and pass the exam the first time.

The instructor was excellent, exceptionally knowledgeable and great at teaching. Did a great job breaking topics down and making them more understandable than a lot of our professors did originally. Also did a good job of emphasizing that this information and knowledge is not just important for passing the exam, but also for treating our patients in the future.

Luke M., Creighton University