About TherapyEd

TherapyEd is the leader in preparing Physical Therapists, Physical Therapist Assistants, Occupational Therapists, Occupational Therapy Assistants, and Speech-Language Pathologists for their national licensure and certification exams. Every year we help thousands of students pass their exams with our Exam Preparation Courses, best-selling Review & Study Guides, online practice exams, Online Office Hours, and other innovative resources. We teach over 300 courses a year on-campus and online, all across the nation, and our instructors are recognized experts in preparing students for exam success.

With over 30 years experience, exam candidates look to us to:

  • Learn about the latest examination expectations and trends.
  • Determine what topic areas to focus on.
  • Assess their current knowledge and plan their study schedule.
  • Practice interpreting and answering challenging, high-level practice items – just like on the real exams.

Our instructors are accomplished, experienced, clinicians and academics, ready to help you pass the exam the first time.


Our Mission

To help students succeed on their licensure and certification exams by empowering
exam mastery among all candidates.

Empowering Exam Mastery

Our Vision

To help build the next generation of leaders within the profession through the use of ethical, high quality tools and resources that ensure licensure and certification exam success and professional readiness.

Our Pillars


Identify each candidate as a unique individual and provide the knowledge and resources to ensure mastery and inspire them to succeed within their profession.


TherapyEd Instructors are leaders in the profession who contribute their knowledge and experience to help each student pass their exam. As Program Directors, Professors, Clinicians, and Fellowes, they understand the importance of the exam and are committed to helping students succeed.


TherapyEd helps University and College programs throughout the country make sure their students are ready for their professional exam. Through our assessment tools, exam prep courses, Review & Study Guides, and cohort reports, we help programs better prepare students for exam success and meaningful careers.


With a focus on providing high quality, ethical, and up-to-date exam preparation tools with our Review & Study Guides, on-campus and online exam prep courses, individual and group tutoring, and Online Office Hours, we provide a range of products to help every student succeed.

Proven Path to Success

TherapyEd’s Path to Success is built on five essential steps for effective exam preparation. Each step complements the last to broaden knowledge, deepen understanding, and sharpen important test-taking skills.


With motivation, you gain inspiration. Our expert instructors spark your enthusiasm for studying and help focus your exam preparation.

The Prep Class creates a motivational learning environment that is individual, responsive, immediate and dynamic.


With review, you gain knowledge. The more you study, the more you learn, retain and recall.

The Review & Study Guides provide the most comprehensive review in easy-to-understand outline format and covers all topics on the exam.


With analysis, you gain expertise. We teach you to analyze questions, think critically, and make the connection between theory and practice.

The Prep Manual offers extensive study tips, test-taking strategies, an abbreviated content review, as well as a “roadmap” to the Review & Study Guide, self-assessment forms for each chapter and study plan forms.


With practice, you gain experience. Diagnose strengths and weaknesses and practice test-taking skills.

The Review & Study Guides includes three complete practice exams to improve your performance.


With application, you gain confidence. Apply what you’ve learned to create a successful study plan and pass the exam the first time.


Why are the Review & Study Guides at TherapyEd so much less expensive than on Amazon or other sites?

Do you offer discounts on the book if we buy them in bulk as a class?

I already bought the Review & Study Guide and now want to take the course. Is the course less expensive because I already have the Guide?

How long are the courses?

What time do the courses begin?

Do you ship the Review & Study Guides internationally?

What shipping options do you offer in the United States?

What score on the practice exams correlates to passing the exam?

Is there a deadline to register for the course?

If I register late how will I get the Review & Study Guide in time for the course?

Can I make an audio or video recording of the course?

I have taken the NPTE and not passed it and now my state board is requiring me to take a remedial course before I can take the exam again. Does this course meet the requirements as a remedial course for my state board?

I want to take the course but I don’t see one in my area. What can I do?

I want to take the course but my school does not offer it. How can I bring the course to my school?

I have lost the USB in my earlier edition of the Review & Study Guide. Do I need to buy the book again or can I get a replacement?

The USB that came with my earlier edition of the Study Guide does not work. It is defective/I get an error message. What should I do?

Is the Review & Study Guide sold in bookstores?

How often are the Review & Study Guides updated?

There is bad weather forecast for the upcoming course I am scheduled to take. Will the course be held?

I have the Review & Study Guide, but would like to purchase the Course Manual as well. Can I buy the Course Manual without taking the course?

What is the TherapyEd return policy for the Review & Study Guides?

What types of payment do you accept?


  • “The instructor did a great job of presenting the material in a way that was easy to remember, had great background knowledge on the subject matter, and used real-life and clinical examples to convey meaning. This course does a good job of reviewing all the concepts that will be on the exam, how to set-up a study plan, and what to expect during the exam.”
    – Christina S., Touro University Nevada
  • “The instructor explained each question and the answers very well to my understanding. I think this course should be recommended for all physical therapy students preparing for the exam.”
    – Butali O., University of Missouri
  • “Hardin-Simmons University’s Department of Physical Therapy has been recommending the TherapyEd NPTE Review and Study Guide and prep course to our students for nearly 10 years. The topics are presented concisely, yet thoroughly so students can easily identify gaps in their knowledge to focus on in their comprehensive study plan. Tables, charts, pictures and diagrams clearly present key elements of information. Every student studying for the NPTE should consider utilizing this review textbook.”
    – Prof. Janelle K. O’Connell, Hardin-Simmons University
  • “The instructor was very informative and approachable. I had a wonderful time. The course gave me guidelines on where to start my review. I am not lost anymore and am looking forward to studying.”
    – Elenita F., Touro University Nevada
  • “The instructor was very knowledgeable and helpful, and provided great explanations of answers to questions and tips to remember certain content. He really emphasized important areas, how to study, how to process questions, and was very encouraging and really good at putting information in perspective. This course was VERY helpful in helping me mentally prepare. Overall, a well worth it and great course!”
    – Katelyn H., University of Central Arkansas
  • “A talented teacher who was very knowledgeable and great with relating test information with clinical knowledge. I feel much more confident going into my studies and feel much more prepared to develop a study plan! This was the perfect pre-NPTE course.”
    – Sayre U., University of Central Arkansas
  • “The instructor was amazingly knowledgeable and a hero for those of us that English is a second language. It was a wonderful course.”
    – Vivian O., MGH Institute of Health Professions
  • “The instructor was wonderful at explaining the subject matter and helping the class decipher important and relevant information when answering exam questions. Very knowledgeable and good at teaching! This course is excellent at preparing students in what to expect on testing day, test-taking and anxiety relief strategies, as well as actual question preparation.”
    – Emily B., Louisiana State University in Shreveport
  • “The course was very helpful, from teaching test format and sample questions to how to study and motivation and relaxation techniques. I feel this course overall has helped me to prepare and build a plan for my exam preparation.”
    – Beau A., Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center-New Orleans
  • “This course has been extremely helpful. The example questions are much more like the real exam questions versus Scorebuilders’ book practice questions – I did not feel well prepared with Scorebuilders.”
    – Annie Q., Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center-New Orleans