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Why are the Review & Study Guides at TherapyEd so much less expensive than on Amazon or other sites?

Do you offer discounts on the book if we buy them in bulk as a class?

I already bought the Review & Study Guide and now want to take the course. Is the course less expensive because I already have the Guide?

How long are the courses?

What time do the courses begin?

Do you ship the Review & Study Guides internationally?

What shipping options do you offer in the United States?

What score on the practice exams correlates to passing the exam?

Is there a deadline to register for the course?

If I register late how will I get the Review & Study Guide in time for the course?

Can I make an audio or video recording of the course?

I have taken the NPTE and not passed it and now my state board is requiring me to take a remedial course before I can take the exam again. Does this course meet the requirements as a remedial course for my state board?

I want to take the course but I don’t see one in my area. What can I do?

I want to take the course but my school does not offer it. How can I bring the course to my school?

I have lost the USB in my earlier edition of the Review & Study Guide. Do I need to buy the book again or can I get a replacement?

The USB that came with my earlier edition of the Study Guide does not work. It is defective/I get an error message. What should I do?

Is the Review & Study Guide sold in bookstores?

How often are the Review & Study Guides updated?

There is bad weather forecast for the upcoming course I am scheduled to take. Will the course be held?

I have the Review & Study Guide, but would like to purchase the Course Manual as well. Can I buy the Course Manual without taking the course?

What is the TherapyEd return policy for the Review & Study Guides?

What types of payment do you accept?