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    TherapyEd’s Personal Tutoring provides the opportunity for individualized learning for students who want a more one-on-one experience. Instructors help assess strengths and weaknesses and work to design customized study plans to address areas of need. From content review to test-taking strategies and stress management, tutoring helps students succeed on the exam by providing expertise, encouragement, and experience.

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  • “I am writing regarding Paula, my tutor, to pass on to you how great I think she is. I think she is an incredible motivator, she holds people accountable, and most importantly instills confidence in her students.

    I am still on quite a high from learning I passed. I sort of can’t believe it still, I was going through all the ones after the test I was certain I didn’t get and assumed that cost me the test. BUT, it didn’t!

    I’d like to thank you for being the biggest reason I passed this test. I know you’ll say it was Me who was the biggest reason but I think it was Paula’s approach, attitude, motivation, and willingness to help that propelled me over the hump. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me pass and really think you are very good at what you do. I hope we stay in touch or our paths cross again. Thank you, Paula!
    – R.J. Tuchscherer, OTR
  • “I would like to take this opportunity to thank TherapyEd for providing me with an amazing tutoring experience with Paula. I failed my first exam by 5 points and felt completely defeated–I thought I was never going to pass the exam and almost gave up. I then reached out to TherapyEd for guidance as I had used the book while preparing for the exam. The woman on the phone was so helpful and put me in touch with Michele Emery who hooked me up with the most amazing tutor!!!! Aside from teaching me strategies in how to break down a question and chose the best answer she also gave me confidence and was my ‘therapist’. At times I felt down and honestly quite depressed on how difficult this was for me but Paula pushed me and I really have to say I don’t think I could’ve done this without her!!!! She rooted for me until the very end! Additionally, she was extremely flexible with meeting times and responded to emails and texts promptly! She made herself always accessible to me even if it was just to chat on the phone and to lift my spirits. I feel that many people don’t know about the tutoring that TherapyEd offers and for many this can be all they need in order to be successful on the exam. I want to thank you again for providing this service and for providing the best tutor!”
    – S.W. – New York Institute of Technology
  • “Hi! I just finished my tutoring session with Paula and I just wanted to say she is absolutely amazing! Her guidance and positive energy has really shifted my thinking in prep for my boards exam and I am forever grateful to have been able to learn from her.”
    – Deanna Mazzei – Texas Woman’s University
  • “I wanted to reach out and acknowledge Ms. Paula Carey. I have had some tutoring sessions with her that have been excellent. I would recommend her as a tutor to anyone preparing for the NBCOT exam. She is supportive, caring, and super helpful. She has helped build my confidence and gone above and beyond to help me. She helped me practice questions and think out loud, which enabled me to become more aware of my critical reasoning skills. I also was able to gain a better understanding on how to approach the test questions. I truly appreciate all of the help she has provided thus far. I would recommend the TherapyEd tutoring sessions to anyone. I am very thankful to Paula for all of her help!!”
    – Allie Hallberg – Xavier University
  • “Thank you Toni Thompson! Thank you TherapyEd! Thank you Ben, my husband, best friend and best encourager! Thank you God for gifting me with a brain to process all this information again. At age 52, while raising three absolutely amazing kids, and working as an occupational therapist wearing “a different kind of hat” while engaged in community development for 20 years through a faith-based organization working in rural poverty, never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined myself sitting for the NBCOT board exam again. I was blessed by the day in which an occupational therapy department head shared with me the existence of “TherapyEd”. I had been preparing on my own, with the resources that I had found through my research. But I know I could not have survived the 6 months marathon culminating with my exam now in October, had it not been for the personal and focused help that came in to the process on August 10th when I attended the TherapyEd training in Austin with Toni Thompson. It was the best investment for me! It helped me put order in my studying and calmness in my preparation process. I needed all of that to re-engage and re-awaken this knowledge. 🙂 Toni, Thank you for all your support. Thank you for responding to all my frantic texts, detailed emails and phone calls. The most important one was the shortest email you sent me the night before the exam 🙂 “No more studying. Relax tonight. Relax.” I would have reviewed for 2 more hours ?. Instead I was alert and rested on testing day. I would not have made it without your guidance and support. I needed everyone of those strategies! The content study and personal test taking analysis while taking a practice test. I put ALL of them in practice. Your presence and availability made my experience bearable when I was about to give up, focused and with direction when feeling lost, and ready and equipped to tackle the next step ahead. Thank you!!! What even blows my mind is that my score was higher than the one I got when I sat for the NBCOT in 1991! Thank you so much! Blessings! Leonora Newell, OTR again (after I accomplish my PDU units :)”
    – Leonora Newell, OTR again (after I accomplish my PDU units 🙂
  • “My name is MarieJoie and I was one of the student’s on your Tuesday night online tutoring sessions. I am happy to inform you that I passed my NBCOT exam yesterday and wanted to send a thank you email for your help with strategies and encouragement. I am so delighted to start my career as an OT and help the profession grow. Thank you again and keep doing great work.”
    – Marie Joie Tabiri
  • “My name is Alexa Royer, and I had Ms. Paula Carey as a tutor throughout my studying to take the NBCOT for the second time. I just wanted to let you know the tutoring was very helpful to me, and I was able to pass the exam on my second attempt with a 30 point increase. I believe Ms. Paula had much to do with my passing score and with building my confidence prior to test day. I really appreciate how this is offered to students and believe it can benefit many others who struggle with standardized tests as I do myself. Thank you!”
    – Alexa Royer
  • “Thank you so much for setting me up with tutoring services for the NBCOT. Toni Thompson was very helpful and provided me with a lot of wonderful tips and customized the tutoring session to fit my needs. I also utilized the online office hours which were very helpful. With all of your help and encouragement, I was able to pass the NBCOT on my 3rd try by over 30 points!! I am so thankful for everyone who took the time to set up tutoring and make sure that I had the tools I needed to pass the exam. Hopefully in the years to come, I will be able to help tutor other students who might need additional supports like I did. Thanks again!”
    – Katie S., OTD, OTR/L
  • “The TherapyEd book and one-on-one tutoring with Toni Thompson gave me the study skills and tools I needed to go in confidently to my NBCOT exam and pass on my first attempt! I am so grateful and excited to begin my journey as an OTR!”
    – Brianna Osbourn, New York University