Our goal at TherapyEd--our mission--is to help students pass the NBCOT® OTR® exam the first time.  Unfortunately, although almost everyone who takes our course passes the first time, sometimes life intervenes and a student is not successful.  We know this is difficult, disappointing, disheartening--and expensive! 

If you take our course and do not pass the NBCOT® OTR® exam, you can take the course again, anywhere, anytime, FOR FREE.  Just look at the schedule of upcoming courses, pick one out, contact us, and we will register you for the course at no charge.

With our course guarantee, our Online Office Hours, the best-selling Review & Study Guide, and rigorous practice questions, our commitment is to help students pass the exam and begin their professional careers.  We hope all this will give you the confidence of our experience. 

Loved this prep course. The instructor was very knowledgeable and provided great explanations. It was helpful learning what to look for through a question and answer format. Learned a ton from this course - the instructor should teach at our school.

Kristin M., Hunter College, June 4-5, 2017