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For almost 30 years TherapyEd has been the leader in preparing students for the NBCOT® COTA® exam. With hundreds of exam preparation courses given on campus, and our #1 best-selling Review & Study Guide, TherapyEd helps thousands of students pass the NBCOT® COTA® exam every year.

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Focused on active learning and developing critical reasoning skills, our exam prep courses are taught by superior instructors with years of experience helping students. They use their collective knowledge and diverse experience to help students prepare and do their best on exam day. Each course starts with an overview of the exam to make sure students fully understand the nature and challenges of the high-stakes COTA® exam. Then instructors work through questions, in a guided learning format, to develop students' critical reasoning skills. Breaking down and analyzing questions to understand how best to answer them on the real exam is at the heart of the TherapyEd course.

Making this an engaging and interesting learning experience is what makes our instructors the best in the profession. Utilizing their own years of practical and teaching experience, as well as interactive clickers and the TherapyEd Course Manual, the instructors are the reason almost everyone who takes the course rates it as "Excellent" or "Above Average." In student reviews of the course the comment made most often is "I wish this instructor taught at my school."

TherapyEd's National OTA Review & Study Guide by Rita P. Fleming-Castaldy

TherapyEd's Review & Study Guide has been the #1 best-selling guide for almost 15 years. Distinguished educator Dr. Rita P. Fleming-Castaldy works with a team of contributors to make sure the book is completely up-to-date for the exam. Combining comprehensive content review in a clear and concise outline format, along with engaging, full-color graphics, the guide gives students the ability to review everything they need to know to succeed. Most importantly, the guide also comes with 3 complete online practice exams to help students understand their individual strengths and weaknesses. These exams--with both multiple choice and the new 6-item multi-select questions--are rigorous and challenging to make sure students are ready for anything that may appear on the exam. The questions are designed to match, or even slightly exceed, the level of difficulty and complexity found on the real exam. This makes sure students who prepare with TherapyEd are fully ready to succeed on the real, high-stakes NBCOT® COTA® exam.

In choosing to be an occupational therapy assistant you have elected to join a community of hard-working professionals who improve the quality of life for thousands of patients every day. At TherapyEd, our goal is to improve your quality of life by helping you prepare for and succeed on the COTA® exam.

Register for a TherapyEd Exam Preparation Course, purchase our best-selling Review & Study Guide by Rita P. Fleming-Castaldy, and take our rigorous practice exams to make sure you pass the first time.


Hello My name is Heather Smith and I wanted to email you to share my success story with Therapy ed. 

The first three times of taking my exam and failing all three with the score of 437 I used the purple book, Pass the OT, and AOTA PDFs and none of those materials helped me to pass. 

I was very intimidated by the Therapy Ed book but knew for certain that I would have to study it to achieve my goal. I re-took the therapy ed course with Toni Thompson and then spent 2-3 sessions with her tutoring me one on one. She told me this: “It is best to prepare for a 10K and show up to find out it is a 5K than to prepare for a 5K and show up to find out it is a 10K.” That was the example she gave about therapy ed and it stuck with me. She told me to study questions and use a highlighter to highlight important key words and use the strike out method. She told me I knew what I was doing and I knew the material and to just practice questions. So that is what I did. I went through every exam in the back of the therapy ed book and every Rationale. 

I took my exam on May 3, 2019 and found out that I was  Heather Lynn Smith, COTA/L on May 8, 2019. My score increased 40 points following Toni Thompson’s advice and studying questions and rationals in the back of the therapy ed book. Toni is a jewel and a great asset to Therapy ed and I know that you all are very proud to have her as I feel very blessed to have had her as a tutor. 

I hope this testimonial will help someone else who is struggling to pass this exam. 


Heather Smith, COTA/L, Kershaw Health