Excellent, the instructor went above and beyond in providing educational material with personal discussion. An enjoyable and beneficial course for all PT students.Allyson C., University of Texas Medical Branch
Instructor did an EXCELLENT job of conveying knowledge and taught the course in a way that was ENGAGING! Highly recommend! This course was an excellent eye-opener for proper studying tactics, and was great for academic and mental/physical preparation for the NPTE. Morgan M., University of St. Augustine-Texas
Excellent course! I will apply all the study tactics and strategies that are written in the Course Manual.Nerissa R., Hunter College
Very knowledgeable instructor who created a good environment to learn in. Great course structure - I felt involved and interested throughout both days.Joe M., Creighton University
I wish the course was longer! I think I learned a great deal that will help me prioritize my studying and help me get ready for the exam.Teresa S., Creighton University
this course helped renew my interest in studying and motivated me to begin prepping for the NPTE. I appreciated the breadth and depth of questions included in this course. I have been putting off studying, but have now found renewed inspiration to do so. Thank you!Rebecca R., Washington University
This course was worth the time and money. Good strategies for exam prep as well as identifying strengths and weaknesses. Five stars! Austin S., Wayne State University
Very impressed with instructor and his passion and enthusiasm for the field of PT - would highly recommend!Danielle F., University of South Dakota, July 1-2, 2017
The instructor was excellent at reading the class and was able to gauge how quickly we were moving and accommodate for it. She explained all questions we had well, and helped us to understand the difference between real-world and test-world answers.Stephanie P., University of St. Augustine-Florida, June 17-18, 2017
Instructor was GREAT! So knowledgeable, great personality, and really knew the material. I would recommend the course to anyone!! A++!Maria T., Hunter College, June 4-5, 2017
Flawless prep course - the instructor had extensive knowledge of all PT concepts. One of the most informative lectures of my life.Brett F., Rosalind Franklin University, May 25-26, 2017
I enjoyed all of the mental preparation tips. The instructor also cleared up a lot of things I was confused about.Sabina M., San Diego State University, May 19-20, 2017
I would recommend this course to others without hesitation.James M., Daemen College, May 16-17, 2017
I felt like this course has truly helped me prepare for the exam. I now have a study plan and feel confident in my ability to pass the exam.Megan J., Saint Louis University, May 15-16, 2017
Instructor was incredibly knowledgeable about all areas of the course and paced things well. She imparted some anecdotal clinical information that made everything reliable. Fantastic job, very professional.Nate F., University of Massachusetts-Lowell, April 22-23, 2017
I'm glad I took this course! I feel better prepared to have an organized plan before the exam.Rachel S., Southwest Baptist University, May 15-16, 2017
The instructor is very dynamic and passionate! She was great and really helped to ease some of my fears about the exam. I would recommend her over and over again. The course setup is ideal. I appreciated the MANY practice questions because studying from the textbook is one thing, but understanding HOW to take the exam and dissect the information is another.Jessica R., Rutgers University, May 8-9, 2017
The instructor was very knowledgeable and personable, and presented the information clearly, providing the key points to study in preparation for the exam. It was a very informative course. The instructor kept me engaged throughout the whole course. I would recommend this course to anyone who is preparing for the NPTE.Robert R., Nova Southeastern University-Tampa
I think the course has set me up for success on the NPTE!Timothy D., Seton Hall University
Absolutely wonderful course, put things into perspective and my mind at ease; at the same time, it motivated me to organize and study to succeed on the NPTE.Elise Q., Seton Hall University
This was an excellent course and I feel very prepared regarding how to proceed with continuing to prepare for the exam. The supplemental material was excellent, and I intend on keeping it even after the exam is over. Tyler M., Armstrong State University
The instructor was great! He did an awesome job conveying information and answered all our questions. He kept me interested, paying full attention and kept the course fun.Steven P., Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center-New Orleans
The instructor was wonderful at explaining the subject matter and helping the class decipher important and relevant information when answering exam questions. Very knowledgeable and good at teaching! This course is excellent at preparing students in what to expect on testing day, test-taking and anxiety relief strategies, as well as actual question preparation.Emily B., Louisiana State University in Shreveport
The instructor was amazingly knowledgeable and a hero for those of us that English is a second language. It was a wonderful course.Vivian O., MGH Institute of Health Professions
Fantastic instructor - had a very pleasant personality and a very interactive way of teaching, the lecture never felt monotonous. Her use of examples and way of engaging students in conversation really helped me understand the subject matter better. Excellent course - the Course Manual is very helpful.Sukhada K., MGH Institute of Health Professions
The instructor was very knowledgeable and helpful, and provided great explanations of answers to questions and tips to remember certain content. He really emphasized important areas, how to study, how to process questions, and was very encouraging and really good at putting information in perspective. This course was VERY helpful in helping me mentally prepare. Overall, a well worth it and great course!Katelyn H., University of Central Arkansas
Great instructor with useful strategies for planning exam preparation. Good at explaining rationale behind questions, how to find key words and eliminate answer choices. Course had a good format and a helpful Course Manual.Kayley F., University of Central Arkansas
The instructor was very informative and approachable. I had a wonderful time. The course gave me guidelines on where to start my review. I am not lost anymore and am looking forward to studying.Elenita F., Touro University Nevada
Instructor provided valuable information about the test, ways to think through the questions, and really helped me see why an answer was correct. Great knowledge and a great course taught by an actual physical therapist. The course helped me gain an understanding of how the test is formatted and helped me make a game-plan for my studying. Enjoyed it and feel more confident approaching studying and the test itself.Cory R., Touro University Nevada
The instructor did a great job of presenting the material in a way that was easy to remember, had great background knowledge on the subject matter, and used real-life and clinical examples to convey meaning. This course does a good job of reviewing all the concepts that will be on the exam, how to set-up a study plan, and what to expect during the exam.Christina S., Touro University Nevada
The instructor was extremely knowledgeable and engaging. This course was very helpful in giving an overview of the subjects the exam will cover, test-taking techniques, and studying tactics. It was very well organized and comprehensive.Aubrey K., The Ohio State University
The instructor explained each question and the answers very well to my understanding. I think this course should be recommended for all physical therapy students preparing for the exam.Butali O., University of Missouri

The instructor was very knowledgeable and personable, and presented the information clearly, providing the key points to study in preparation for the exam. It was a very informative course. The instructor kept me engaged throughout the whole course. I would recommend this course to anyone who is preparing for the NPTE.

Robert R., Nova Southeastern University-Tampa