I did not know something as detailed as this existed for the NPTE exams, my expectations have been blown out of the water. Well done.Tanner J., University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston
The instructor was incredible!! She made this weekend during the summer course amazing. She is incredibly relatable and shared stories to help us understand difficult topics. AMAZING! The course was super helpful. I feel prepared to make my study plan and feel so much more confident in myself than previously.Haley M., Oakland University
Would recommend this course to anyone taking the NPTE.Robert A., Hardin-Simmons University
The course was extremely helpful, and I wish I had taken it sooner.Taylor S., Hardin-Simmons University
I enjoyed the course because it gave insight on what to expect for exam layout and how to read and digest exam questions. The course also cleared up confusion on how to study and how to divide time between subjects.Justin S., Hardin-Simmons University
I’m so glad we participated in active studying in this course by answering questions rather than passively listening to lectures.Emily S., Hardin-Simmons University
This course has helped me in the short time I have been preparing. I noticed my practice test scores improved with the use of these strategies.Bryson S., Trine University
Instructor was able to provide multiple examples, memory aids, and study tools in addition to the course content.Janaya W., Trine University
Very educational, I think everyone should take it.Garritt K., Trine University
A very beneficial course. I feel I now have all the tools necessary to do well on my exam.Taylor V., Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center in New Orleans
I feel that the course was very well organized. I really enjoyed answering the questions to first test my knowledge and then discussing the questions individually to identify the correct answer and why it was chosen over the others. The course helped me identify key factors with wording to help narrow down answer choices.Blaine W., Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center in Shreveport
Thank you so much for working with us during these tough times. I greatly appreciated it. Now I have a study plan to go work with!Shakyra C., Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center in Shreveport
I enjoyed this course very much and I would recommend this course to any PT student preparing for the NPTE. Initially, our course was supposed to be taught in-person, but due to the current events with Covid-19, we were unable to have the course in person and instead completed the course via Zoom. The TherapyEd instructors were incredibly helpful and organized despite those circumstances, and we are so grateful that their staff made such an effort to ensure that we were still able to take our course and prepare for our exam.Kyla J., Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center in Shreveport
I thought I was going to hate coming in on a weekend, but I am SO glad I did!Katelynn W., Washington University in St. Louis
The instructor and the course far exceeded my expectation, I am very happy with the various additional resources to aid in studying. Thank you for making this a valuable weekend!Abby M., Washington University in St. Louis
This course was so helpful! Not only for test-taking tips, but for promoting confidence and ensuring success in the long term.Janelle D., Washington University in St. Louis
I didn't know what to expect in the course, but I feel much more prepared to tackle my study plan. The books and course were super helpful. My reading errors were almost non-existent on Day #2, compared to Day #1, so I can tell it's already working.Stephanie Nazario, University of Dayton
Course was extremely helpful for teaching me about the exam format and helping me develop a study schedule. Additionally, there were so many good test-taking strategies that were spoken about that will help me as I sit for my exam.Nathaniel, Online Prep Course December 9-10, 2019
I would now consider this course an essential part of my exam preparation.Kelly T., The Ohio State University
This course takes the NPTE, which is a very overwhelming exam, and makes it very manageable.William H., The Ohio State University
The course did a good job decreasing my feelings of being lost as to where to start this extensive studying process - I now feel excited and empowered to start studying.Olivia P., University of Toledo
WOW. I feel lucky for the opportunity to be instructed by such an informed, well-practiced professional. Time flew by and I learned in 2 days what feels like more than I have in the past 3 years. A well-structured course.Cara W., Western Kentucky University
I feel like I have a good idea of what I need to study now. Before the course, I was struggling to identify the most important material.Kaley K., Florida Southern College
A well put-together course with great structure and flow to allow the student to understand the exam as a whole.Dominic B., Florida Southern College
Instructor was amazing! Her energy and personality really helped to make this course engaging and interactive. Great knowledge of the material. Wish I had her as a professor in PT school.Marla L., Florida International University
Extremely helpful, positive, and upbeat, despite the new approach online due to current circumstances.Elizabeth R., University of Central Arkansas
The instructor did an excellent job of providing explanations and answering questions. Despite having to present through the computer, he had great enthusiasm and was able to keep my attention.Lauren L., University of Central Arkansas
The course is super organized and I appreciate that it is split into sections so that you can prepare yourself to study in this format as well. I liked the part about creating a study plan because I was specifically looking for guidance on this.Jennifer P., University of Massachusetts-Lowell
This instructor was amazing. She was knowledgeable and presented the information at a great pace. She answered all questions and made the course fun and interactive  (which is hard for such a long course online). I would highly recommend this course as well as this instructor.Chris B., University of Massachusetts-Lowell
Our course instructor was great and was able to easily adapt and teach the course well through the Zoom format.Jonathan J., Nova Southeastern University-Ft. Lauderdale
This instructor was great! Even though our course had to be modified through Zoom, he was still very engaging and knowledgeable about the exam, test-taking strategies, and each subject matter we discussed.Bao-Quyen N., Nova Southeastern University-Ft. Lauderdale
Our instructor was very knowledgeable and was excellent in his adaptation to presenting the course via Zoom. I was impressed with his ability to use all the tools Zoom offers when presenting his materials.Ethan J., University of Florida
I thought she did an awesome job conducting and leading the course over Zoom. I was able to gain a lot of information from the comfort of my kitchen table.Medlody H., Southwest Baptist University
Absolutely outstanding instructor! Very knowledgeable, great at explaining concepts, very approachable, very energetic, and encouraging. Thank you so much for helping me increase my self-confidence!!! I absolutely loved that TherapyEd provides a study outline!!! The NPTE Review & Study Guide and PT Course Manual are amazing! I am so happy to have taken this course and would absolutely recommend it to every student preparing for the NPTE!Deliah A., Florida A&M University
The PT Course Manual alone was worth it.Michael A., University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences-San Marcos
I flew in to take this course and it was worth my time. The PT Course Manual will go a long way when I am studying for my exam. Thanks!Jamie S., Arcadia University
Absolutely phenomenal course instructor! This course is incredible and has eased my mind SO much.Natalie B., Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science
Best NPTE Prep Course yet.Larissa A., Atlanta, GA. June 15-16, 2019
I LOVED the online format. I was unable to make the dates the course was held at my school, so having the convenience of taking the course without having to travel worked very well for me.Morgan M., Online Course
The style and content of information was very helpful and easier to understand than Scorebuilders.Mary B., Concorde Career College-Dallas
Instructor was phenomenal and made the weekend engaging and made me excited to study for my NPTE. The ability to explain and simplify the material was fantastic and drove me to know the material at the same level. It was super beneficial for my learning and preparation for the NPTE.Emily P., Nova Southeastern University-Ft. Lauderdale
This course far exceeded my expectations, and I feel much more prepared.Ian C., Nova Southeastern University- Ft. Lauderdale
Great course to prepare for the NPTE.James B., The Sage Colleges
Instructor was amazing and made me understand and feel confident and that is hard to do. This course was amazing, I have taken others and felt this one helped tremendously.Taylor L., Hutchinson Community College
Great instructor, very happy with what was taught and what I am taking away from this course, I highly recommend it!Jacquelyn J., Somerset Community College
I feel like I now have all the information and resources I need to study successfully!Shae G., Rhodes State College
Very informative course that went over all parts of the exam. I found the study tips and test-taking strategies very helpful.Allison A., University of the Incarnate Word
This course had great teaching strategies that taught me both how to understand the questions as well as PTA content.Alain G., Indian River State College
This course should be mandatory!Rachel M., Indian River State College
Instructor was so good that I came back to take this course a second time!Emily H., San Diego Mesa College
I recommend this course to all student PT's prior to taking the NPTE. Kamil C., Northwestern Illinois University
Instructor was extremely knowledgeable and engaging. I felt that he has helped to prepare me for the exam in a way that I was unaware of.Jemma L., Florida International University
Instructor was incredibly helpful, very knowledgeable about each and every topic. I could really tell how passionate he is about teaching and helping others.Erika F., Florida International University
Instructor was an encyclopedia genius.Zach R., Florida International University
This instructor was wicked smart, incredibly intelligent, very wise, able to convey concepts in a way that everyone could understand. I wish she was part of the PT faculty here. Very beneficial course - I am glad I took it before taking the boards exam.Sydney J., Marshall University
This course got me excited and ready to study!Emma G., Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions
I enjoyed the online format of the course, first time I have taken one, and it was well organized and very informative.Wynn G., Manitoba, CA.
This course really helped me restart my studying. I had hit a lull with studying and this course really helped me reset everything and get back on track.Courtney A., Saint Louis University
An intense course that significantly increased my confidence in implementing a study plan for the exam, while also making me aware of all my strengths and weaknesses.Zach P., Louisiana State University Shreveport
This course really helped me know where to start and how to study.Sidney L., Louisiana State University Shreveport
A lot better than the Scorebuilders course.Alyssa G., New York Institute of Technology
Loved the course format and WAY better setup and information than Scorebuilders, which I also took.McKayla K., University of Oklahoma Health Science-Tulsa
I enjoyed how the course was set up and found it extremely beneficial to break down each section into what to expect/key concepts, overall importance/emphasis, and to get practice answering questions in each section to find my strengths and weaknesses. It was also EXTREMELY great to have a general study guideline to assist in creating an individualized plan. Plus all of the "day of" test-taking tips will come in handy!Amber K., University of Jamestown-Fargo
Exceeded my expectations of the course. I feel much better knowing what I need to study and how to go about studying the material.Cody D., University of Texas Medical Branch
The instructor was great and very informative with every aspect of the exam, was extremely knowledgeable and was able to teach from firsthand experience, helped outline a personalized study plan and was very helpful in understanding the outline of each question, and also seemed to enjoy teaching the material. This course was excellent and helped prepare me for the framework of the exam, and it was very well outlined and provided excellent tips and tricks. It also was great for helping me outline my study plan and provided insight into what the questions will look like and how to prepare for them.Ryan E., University of Texas Medical Branch
I knew absolutely nothing about the NPTE prior to this course, so I found it extremely informative, and the material was well organized and presented.Devin B., University of Texas Medical Branch
I passed the NPTE last October 24th, and I am so thankful for the help TherapyEd has given me on my NPTE journey. The review course I attended at the University of St. Augustine-San Marcos was really comprehensive which helped me organize my review plans befoe I took the state boards exam. I will definitely recommend this review course to all my friends who will take the NPTE. Please continue to help people like us.Karen C., University of St. Augustine-San Marcos
I thought this course would be a terrible way to spend a weekend, but  I have ended up really enjoying it! It has been so helpful and painless. I have LOVED IT! Thank you! I really like the quiz-based learning style, rather than so much lecture. I was engaged and attentive the whole time and found it very valuable to discover where I'm at and what I need to focus on.Georgia C., Regis University
I followed the study guide recommendations given by my TherapyEd instructor - passed the first time!Rachel A., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
The instructor explained each question and the answers very well to my understanding. I think this course should be recommended for all physical therapy students preparing for the exam.Butali O., University of Missouri
I truly enjoyed the instructor's passion for the PT profession as well as the vast body of knowledge and experience. The encouragement and confidence in our success was much appreciated.Leah H., Hunter College
I 100% recommend this course! I liked how information was provided in question format, compared to lecture.Shea F., University of Central Arkansas
Instructor was great at explaining the format and how to piece apart each question. This information is invaluable. He explained everything in terms that are on level with the material and also easy to understand. This course helped me understand how to study and test better. Having sample questions was really helpful - talking about them afterward also really helped. The materials provided with the course are excellent. Would recommend to any PT grad taking the exam.Stacie P., University of Oklahoma-Tulsa
The Course Manual and the NPTE Review & Study Guide offer a comprehensive approach for success on the exam. The course helped me identify areas of weakness that I need to focus on.Meghan B., Lebanon Valley College
Very informative course. I know what I need to work on, with strategies to get there!  Emily H., Lebanon Valley College
This is a great course to get organized and prepared for the NPTE. I would not have known where to start my studying without this course.Stefanie S., Samuel Merritt University
I feel much more prepared and confident in my ability to appropriately study for the NPTE after attending your prep course.Amanda J., Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions
I would recommend this course to EVERY PT student!Margo P., University of Mary Hardin-Baylor
Very well paced course. It was very helpful for me, someone who has been out of the field for 10 years.Liliane L., University of Mary Hardin-Baylor
Awesome instructor! Engaging and knowledgeable and encouraging! Really made me feel like I can succeed at this exam. I actually am excited to start studying. The course helped me find a starting place for studying, as well as how to structure my study time most efficiently and effectively.Kaitlyn B., MGM Institute of Health Professions
The instructor was very knowledgeable and invested in conveying information in a way that helped us to really digest it, and provided excellent strategies and was clear and personable. Very helpful course, this challenge seems more approachable and manageable now.Rebecca W., MGM Institute of Health Professions
The instructor was extremely engaging and gave clear and helpful examples throughout the entire course. She was extremely knowledgeable about the subject matter and was extremely receptive to any and all questions. Her explanations of content were clear and easy to understand, and she definitely helped calm my nerves about the exam! I feel the organization of the course was very clear and I found the question-based format extremely helpful and engaging. The course definitely helped me to better understand the breakdown of the exam and gave me a great place to start and plan for my studying.Jessica G., MGH Institute of Health Professions
I want to say thank you for constructing such a detailed and thoughtful NPTE Review book!! I used a different review book rom another organization for my first attempt at the NPTE and I did not pass. After taking the exam I felt that the book I had used was not detailed enough and glazed over many important subjects. Through a friend I heard about the O'Sullivan and Siegelman NPTE Review and Study Guide and she highly recommended it. The book was fantastic and I especially want to note the detail and organization of the Musculoskeletal, Neurological, Cardiovascular and Pulmonary sections, as well as the practice exams. I am estactic to say I passed the NPTE the second time and raised my score from a 591 to a 712! Thank you, thank you, thank you for such a fantastic review book!!!Kimberly Roth
I cannot think of a single way the instructor could have improved. He was top-notch and made a long weekend enjoyable. It was a VERY helpful course, and the Course Manual is spectacularly designed.Paul B., Regis University
I really like the Course Manual what we received as part of the course - it's like a quick guide that's condensed to fit everything we learned in PT school.Annika L., Regis University
The instructor had a really great teaching style and took plenty of time to focus on tips and explanations of how to best approach the exam. I gained a lot of valuable information that has made me feel better prepared and more comfortable in approaching the exam after attending this course.Curtiss B., Regis University
Excellent instructor - he was captivating and enthusiastic throughout the course. He provided very good insight into the exam and had teaching opportunities worked into the multiple choice questions. I learned about the exam as well as general systems content information. Great way to prepare for the exam.Melanie S., Regis University
Very helpful course for learning how to prepare for the NPTE. I was feeling a little lost and overwhelmed. However, now I feel empowered to learn and study in a way that will directly and positively influence my results.Dakota S., University of St. Augustine-California
The instructor did an EXCELLENT job of conveying his knowledge and teaching the course in a way that was ENGAGING! Highly recommend! This course was an excellent eye-opener for proper studying tactics, and was great for academic, mental, and physical preparation for the NPTE.Morgan M., University of St. Augustine-Texas
I think this course is vital to setting oneself up for success prior to the exam. Highly recommend!Elizabeth E., University of St. Augustine-Texas
Excellent course! I will apply all the study tactics and strategies that are written in the Course Manual.Nerissa R., Hunter College
The best material on the market - I have 3 books!Luciana S., Hunter College
Excellent, the instructor went above and beyond in providing educational material with personal discussion. An enjoyable and beneficial course for all PT students.Allyson C., University of Texas Medical Branch
Instructor did an EXCELLENT job of conveying knowledge and taught the course in a way that was ENGAGING! Highly recommend! This course was an excellent eye-opener for proper studying tactics, and was great for academic and mental/physical preparation for the NPTE. Morgan M., University of St. Augustine-Texas
I wish the course was longer! I think I learned a great deal that will help me prioritize my studying and help me get ready for the exam.Teresa S., Creighton University
This is a good course and should be held frequently so that many students can take advantage of it.Priyanka Y., Washington University
This course was worth the time and money. Good strategies for exam prep as well as identifying strengths and weaknesses. Five stars! Austin S., Wayne State University
Very impressed with instructor and his passion and enthusiasm for the field of PT - would highly recommend!Danielle F., University of South Dakota
Instructor was GREAT! So knowledgeable, great personality, and really knew the material. I would recommend the course to anyone!! A++!Maria T., Hunter College
Flawless prep course - the instructor had extensive knowledge of all PT concepts. One of the most informative lectures of my life.Brett F., Rosalind Franklin University
This course was well worth my time and money.Amber W., San Diego State University
I feel MUCH more prepared now than I did before I took this course, it helped decrease my anxiety about the exam.Colby D., Daemen College
I would recommend this course to others without hesitation.James M., Daemen College
Very beneficial course! Worth every penny! I would recommend the course even for therapists, who have been practicing for years, as a good refresher. The knowledge offered was very valuable! Thank you!Francis M., Saint Louis University
I learned a lot from this course in regards to content knowledge and test-taking strategies. Overall, this course has helped me to feel more confident in my ability to prepare for and pass the NPTE!Samantha A., Saint Louis University
Instructor was incredibly knowledgeable about all areas of the course and paced things well. She imparted some anecdotal clinical information that made everything reliable. Fantastic job, very professional.Nate F., University of Massachusetts-Lowell
I don't think it gets any better than this instructor! A well organized course - money well spent.Jessica L., University of Massachusetts-Lowell
One of the best instructors I have ever listened to - kept my attention well, did not spend time over-explaining, but still offered sufficient information. Helped the exam seem accomplishable.Katelyn K., Southwest Baptist University
This instructor deserves a raise! He was engaging and very knowledgeable. I feel 100 times more confident about the exam after taking this course.Alissa G., University of Rhode Island
I loved the enthusiasm with which the instructor presented the material and more importantly how she energized me to make a study plan, and also to focus on staying calm i.e. mental health.Ashley L., Rutgers University
I chose this course specifically because of the instructor - he is one of the best instructors I have had the benefit of being taught by. He added humor and levity to the course which helped ease anxiety, yet still conveyed appropriate seriousness. He gave great feedback and was so willing to help beyond the scope of this weekend course.Madeline M., University of the Incarnate Word
This course was excellent! It captured a broad picture of how the NPTE questions are written and strategies how to narrow down to the correct answer. The Course Manual provided great concise outlines in a logical and organized fashion based on each topic to reference. Great study tool!Sara E., Nova Southeastern University-Tampa
Absolutely wonderful course, put things into perspective and my mind at ease; at the same time, it motivated me to organize and study to succeed on the NPTE.Elise Q., Seton Hall University
Great course! It really helped me get into the right mindset for the exam.Jodi G., University of Florida
I would highly recommend this course.Bridget M., University of Florida
This was an excellent course and I feel very prepared regarding how to proceed with continuing to prepare for the exam. The supplemental material was excellent, and I intend on keeping it even after the exam is over. Tyler M., Armstrong State University
I just wanted to extend my thanks and gratitude to you. The prep course was very helpful for me, and I was thrilled to find out very early this morning that I passed the April NPTE! I am so glad I made the decision to attend the course even though it was close to the exam date.Regina S., Sacred Heart University
This course has been extremely helpful. The example questions are much more like the real exam questions versus Scorebuilders' book practice questions - I did not feel well prepared with Scorebuilders.Annie Q., Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center-New Orleans
The course was very helpful, from teaching test format and sample questions to how to study and motivation and relaxation techniques. I feel this course overall has helped me to prepare and build a plan for my exam preparation.Beau A., Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center-New Orleans
The instructor was wonderful at explaining the subject matter and helping the class decipher important and relevant information when answering exam questions. Very knowledgeable and good at teaching! This course is excellent at preparing students in what to expect on testing day, test-taking and anxiety relief strategies, as well as actual question preparation.Emily B., Louisiana State University in Shreveport
The instructor was amazingly knowledgeable and a hero for those of us that English is a second language. It was a wonderful course.Vivian O., MGH Institute of Health Professions
A talented teacher who was very knowledgeable and great with relating test information with clinical knowledge. I feel much more confident going into my studies and feel much more prepared to develop a study plan! This was the perfect pre-NPTE course.Sayre U., University of Central Arkansas
The instructor was very knowledgeable and helpful, and provided great explanations of answers to questions and tips to remember certain content. He really emphasized important areas, how to study, how to process questions, and was very encouraging and really good at putting information in perspective. This course was VERY helpful in helping me mentally prepare. Overall, a well worth it and great course!Katelyn H., University of Central Arkansas
Hardin-Simmons University's Department of Physical Therapy has been recommending the TherapyEd NPTE Review and Study Guide and prep course to our students for nearly 10 years. The topics are presented concisely, yet thoroughly so students can easily identify gaps in their knowledge to focus on in their comprehensive study plan. Tables, charts, pictures and diagrams clearly present key elements of information. Every student studying for the NPTE should consider utilizing this review textbook.Prof. Janelle K. O'Connell, Hardin-Simmons University
The instructor was very informative and approachable. I had a wonderful time. The course gave me guidelines on where to start my review. I am not lost anymore and am looking forward to studying.Elenita F., Touro University Nevada
The instructor did a great job of presenting the material in a way that was easy to remember, had great background knowledge on the subject matter, and used real-life and clinical examples to convey meaning. This course does a good job of reviewing all the concepts that will be on the exam, how to set-up a study plan, and what to expect during the exam.Christina S., Touro University Nevada
The instructor explained each question and the answers very well to my understanding. I think this course should be recommended for all physical therapy students preparing for the exam.Butali O., University of Missouri

This instructor was great! Even though our course had to be modified through Zoom, he was still very engaging and knowledgeable about the exam, test-taking strategies, and each subject matter we discussed.

Bao-Quyen N., Nova Southeastern University-Ft. Lauderdale