NPTE Review & Study Guide


TherapyEd’s NPTE Review & Study Guide is the profession’s #1 best-selling guide. The authors, Dr. Susan O’Sullivan and Dr. Raymond Siegelman, are two of the most distinguished educators in the profession. Our exceptional contributors and item writers include program directors, senior faculty members, board certified specialists and experienced clinicians. See for yourself why over 10,000 physical therapy students choose TherapyEd each year.

National Physical Therapy Examination
Review and Study Guide

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The Guide prepares students for all aspects of the NPTE. It is the only Guide updated every year to stay current with the exam. The current Content Outline focuses on the major systems and our authors, instructors and items writers have created new questions, content and teaching strategies to help students pass the exam.

About the Best-selling Guide

TherapyEd’s NPTE Review & Study Guide is recognized as the most trusted resource in exam preparation by students, faculty, and practicing therapists throughout the country. The ONLY Guide updated every year to stay current with the exam, it includes a comprehensive review of physical therapy content, study and test-taking strategies, current licensure information, and three complete simulated exams on USB. All sample exam items are categorized according to the current Content Outline and challenge students to properly prepare for the breadth, depth and rigor of the NPTE.

Be Prepared for the NPTE:

  • Dynamic full-color design
  • Critical thinking challenges
  • Chapter review sections
  • 600 questions
  • New illustrations, figures and tables

“Create an Exam” Software with 600 Questions:

TherapyEd’s exam software is the most advanced and easy to use in the profession. No user code, password or Wi-Fi needed. It provides students the unique ability to “create an exam”, drawing from the entire 600 question database. Students can test their knowledge in specific domains, content categories and critical reasoning skills. After diagnosing specific weaknesses, students can create a customized exam to target individual deficiencies and hone important test-taking skills. Students can also create a 250-question exam to test their physical and mental endurance prior to the NPTE. The software improves exam performance efficiently and effectively, and provides students the practice necessary to pass the NPTE the first time.

Teaching Tools and Critical Reasoning Rationales:

For all 600 questions, the authors have created Teaching Tools that are unmatched for their level of knowledge, detail, and instruction. This highlighted section teaches students how to review and analyze challenging NPTE-like items and includes complete explanations of correct and incorrect choices and critical reasoning rationales.

About the Authors:

Susan O'Sullivan, PT, EdD is Professor Emeritus at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell and co-author of the widely known text, Physical Rehabilitation 6th edition.

Raymond Siegelman, PT, DPT, MS is the President Emeritus of TherapyEd. He has been a physical therapist and physical therapy educator for over 35 years.

The Review & Study Guide also includes:

  • Fixed-Date Testing information
  • Critical Reasoning Assessment
  • Clinical Practice Guidelines
  • Imaging Appendix
  • Code of Ethics
  • Academic Index
  • PC- and Mac-compatible flash drive
  • Obesity/Bariatrics
  • Rehabilitation for lymphatic disease
  • Table of motor learning and training strategies
  • Extensive guidelines on standard/universal precautions
  • Locomotor training/body weight support systems
  • Osteoporosis update including World Health Organization criteria, bone mineral density and intervention
  • Musculoskeletal differential diagnosis; kinematic chain tables
  • Updates on basic life support and CPR
  • Additional information and detail regarding Evidence-based Practice
  • Disaster response and planning including PT role

Chapters are consistent with the Guide to Physical Therapist Practice:

  • Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy
  • Neuromuscular Physical Therapy
  • Cardiovascular Physical Therapy
  • Pulmonary Physical Therapy
  • Integumentary Physical Therapy
  • Other Systems including GI, GU and Metabolic/Endocrine and Psychological Conditions
  • Pediatric Physical Therapy
  • Geriatric Physical Therapy
  • Therapeutic Exercise Foundations
  • Physical Agents and Modalities
  • Functional Training and Orthotic, Prosthetic and Supportive Devices
  • Professional Roles and Management
  • Education & Consultation
  • Research and Evidence-based Practice

Great reviews from students...

"An excellent book, I used it to study for my comprehensive exams as well as the Licensure exam. Passed with flying colors"

"Without the book and the course, I doubt if I could have passed the exam. Thank you! Thank you!"

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National Physical Therapy Examination
Review and Study Guide

US $85.00

Shipping and handling not included


Very Eloquent, intelligent teacher, knows his stuff. Felt confident in his ability to teach me

Katelyn Keith, Wichita State University Jan 8-9, 2015