OT Exam Test Prep (Mobile App)


TherapyEd’s mobile test prep app is a powerful and essential tool to help you pass the OT Exam. Included are 510 comprehensive practice questions with detailed explanations and page references to the best-selling 9th edition National Occupational Therapist Certification Exam Review & Study Guide for 2022 to help you master core concepts for your exam. Generate custom study sessions based on your mastery and filter by core domains, categories, and reasoning strategies. Track your progress and know where to improve next in real-time as you answer questions.

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This app is only the beginning, and TherapyEd will be continuously adding additional questions and learning modes such as Clinical Simulation Test (CST) practice and flashcards in the coming months. Take advantage of the early-bird pricing now and lock in all future content upgrades for free!

Core features:

  • 510 comprehensive practice questions and explanations
  • Generate custom study sessions with advanced filters
  • High-level and granular progress tracking
  • Integrated with the National Occupational Therapist Certification Exam Review & Study Guide
  • Study on any iOS or Android device
  • Clinical Simulation Test (CST) practice coming soon
  • Future content and feature upgrades included


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