We believe in helping students prepare for and pass the NPTAE.  As part of our efforts to help every student succeed on the exam, we offer FREE Online Office Hours to give students a way to ask questions and prepare for the exam even after the course has ended.  Online Office Hours are held every other week, on Tuesdays from 8:00 - 9:00 pm ET/5:00-6:00 PT. 

Moderated by an experienced TherapyEd instructor, our Online Office Hours give students a way to extend their studying and get extra help, especially in these difficult times. Every other Tuesday, log-in, ask questions and get personalized help while also learning from other students' questions.

Our instructors will begin office hours with a focused content review of important exam content areas and then answer questions related to that topic, other topics of interest, or on test-taking strategies. The content areas covered in coming weeks will be:


Content Focus

May 25

Karen Ryan on Therapeutic Exercise for the NPTE

June 8

Dr. Steve Lesh on the Musculoskeletal System for the NPTE

June 22

Jane Baldwin on Pediatrics and Neurology for the NPTE--Targeted tips on what and how to study with a focus on neurology and pediatrics.


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All you need to start is to sign in with your email address. This will take you to the live Online Office Hours where you can focus on your exam preparation questions with our experienced instructors. 

There is no charge for our Online Office Hours--it comes as a benefit of taking the TherapyEd preparation course for the NPTE.