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    TherapyEd is the leader in helping students prepare for and pass the PTA licensure exam. Through our courses, best-selling Review & Study Guide, and rigorous practice questions we help thousands of students pass the PTA exam every year.

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PTA Exam Review & Study Guide

TherapyEd’s O’Sullivan & Siegelman PTA Examination Review & Study Guide has been the best-selling guide for the NPTE for over 15 years.  Revised and updated by noted PTA educator Karen Ryan, the text is up-to-date for the current PTA exam. It features:

  • Comprehensive content review in a clear and concise outline format,
  • Engaging, full-color graphics,
  • 3 complete online simulated exams with 450 rigorous Multiple Choice items,
  • Insightful Score Reports to identify individual strengths and weaknesses,
  • Study hints, test-taking strategies, and access to the TherapyEd Learning Portal,
  • Topic area mini-exams for practice in specific content areas, domains, and critical reasoning skills.

The comprehensive content review and rigorous practice exam questions make sure students are ready for anything that may appear on the exam. The questions are designed to match, or slightly exceed, the level of difficulty and complexity found on the real exam to make sure students who prepare with TherapyEd are fully ready to succeed on the real, high-stakes NPTE.

What makes TherapyEd’s Review & Study Guide the best in the profession is it’s focus on content excellence. Dr. O’Sullivan is the co-author of the foundational Physical Therapy text “Physical Rehabilitation” and is recognized as a leader in the profession. Dr. Siegelman has been helping students pass the exam for almost 30 years and provides a keen understanding of the exam makeup and the complexities of the exam blueprint. Karen Ryan is a distinguished PTA educator who brings a wealth of practical experience to the guide.  She works with a team of expert content contributors to make sure all topics are covered at the depth and level of expertise needed to ensure students are ready for the exam.

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TherapyEd’s PTA Exam Prep class creates a social learning atmosphere that is individual, responsive, immediate, and dynamic. Focused on active learning and developing critical reasoning skills, our exam prep courses are taught by superior instructors with years of experience helping students. They use their collective knowledge to help students prepare and do their best on exam day. Practice in reading, interpreting, and answering questions like those on the NPTE help assess individual strengths and weaknesses and the guided learning format helps develop students’ critical reasoning skills.

Our exam prep courses are taught by leading educators with years of experience helping students. They motivate and teach students to breakdown and analyze questions to understand the best answer choice. Appropriate tools and resources to implement a successful study plan are provided and actual exam behaviors are replicated to better develop the reasoning abilities needed to be successful.

Why TherapyEd?

TherapyEd is the leader in preparing PTA students for the NPTE. Every year we help thousands of students pass their exam with our Exam Preparation Courses, best-selling Review & Study Guide, rigorous online practice exams, Online Office Hours, and other online resources.

In choosing physical therapy as a career you have elected to join a community of hard-working professionals who improve the quality of life for patients every day. At TherapyEd, our goal is to improve your quality of life by helping you prepare for and succeed on the NPTE. As the leader in preparing candidates for the exam, we help thousands of students pass and start their career every year. Register for a TherapyEd Exam Preparation Course, purchase the best-selling O’Sullivan & Siegelman PTA Exam Review & Study Guide, and take our rigorous practice exams to make sure you pass the first time. Our mission is to help educate the next generation of PT professionals through the use of ethical, high quality tools and resources designed to empower mastery and ensure success on the NPTE.


We have been preparing students for their exams for over 30 years.  We rely on our instructors – their enthusiasm, talent and commitment – to make every course our students attend a success. Our instructors are leaders in their profession with experience as professors, authors, speakers, clinicians, and item writers with a wide diversity of expertise.

What do students think?

“I had to take the time to write you and let you know that I am so grateful for the course!…”

“Great Information, the book is very helpful.”

“It helped me realize that I need to get serious about my study schedule.”

Very beneficial and I feel it prepared me very well to start my study plan.”

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  • “A great instructor who really opened my eyes to my potential as a test-taker. This course has everything needed plus more. You are missing out without it.”
    – Randell R. from Concorde Career College-Memphis
  • “This instructor was funny, smart, very knowledgeable, and kept my attention. This course was way better than Scorebuilders.”
    – Ellen M., Concorde Career College-Memphis
  • “TherapyEd’s course addressed different learning styles and was easier for me to understand than Scorebuilders.”
    – Kimberly K., Hawkeye Community College
  • “I wish I could have learned these study techniques earlier in my education.”
    – Ashley H., Cecil College
  • “Very helpful and energizing course – made me excited to study because it gave me a plan of action.”
    – Angelo A., Essex County College
  • “Instructor was wonderful. I feel much better than when I walked through the doors at the beginning of the course. I hope to use the anxiety techniques I learned. I now have a plan on how to study. I recommend that everyone take this course.”
    – Kiera D., Lackawanna College
  • “Instructor was very reassuring and real on the type of path that needs to be taken in order to pass the exam. Course structure was well prepared and better than Scorebuilders’ structure.”
    – Sara L., Rhodes State College
  • “I suggest every PTA student take this course!”
    – Jacob C., Somerset Community College
  • “The textbooks alone are worth the cost of admission!”
    – Tyler F., Somerset Community College
  • “After going through this course, I feel more in control of my study plan as well as more prepared for the exam itself. Wish I would have taken this course 8 weeks ago!”
    – Kari W., Illinois Central College