• PTA Exam Prep Course

    TherapyEd’s one-day Prep Class creates a social learning atmosphere that is individual, responsive, immediate and dynamic. Our expert instructors motivate students to prepare for the PTA exam and provide the best tools and resources to implement an efficient and successful study plan.

TherapyEd’s PTA Exam Preparation Course

TherapyEd’s Prep Class, PTA Review & Study Guide, class manual and Online Resources are up-to-date for the current exam. With over 30 years of experience, TherapyEd is the best company to give you the knowledge, experience, and expertise needed to pass the PTA exam the first time.

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  • “A great instructor who really opened my eyes to my potential as a test-taker. This course has everything needed plus more. You are missing out without it.”
    – Randell R. from Concorde Career College-Memphis
  • “This instructor was funny, smart, very knowledgeable, and kept my attention. This course was way better than Scorebuilders.”
    – Ellen M., Concorde Career College-Memphis
  • “TherapyEd’s course addressed different learning styles and was easier for me to understand than Scorebuilders.”
    – Kimberly K., Hawkeye Community College
  • “I wish I could have learned these study techniques earlier in my education.”
    – Ashley H., Cecil College
  • “Very helpful and energizing course – made me excited to study because it gave me a plan of action.”
    – Angelo A., Essex County College
  • “Instructor was wonderful. I feel much better than when I walked through the doors at the beginning of the course. I hope to use the anxiety techniques I learned. I now have a plan on how to study. I recommend that everyone take this course.”
    – Kiera D., Lackawanna College
  • “Instructor was very reassuring and real on the type of path that needs to be taken in order to pass the exam. Course structure was well prepared and better than Scorebuilders’ structure.”
    – Sara L., Rhodes State College
  • “I suggest every PTA student take this course!”
    – Jacob C., Somerset Community College
  • “The textbooks alone are worth the cost of admission!”
    – Tyler F., Somerset Community College
  • “After going through this course, I feel more in control of my study plan as well as more prepared for the exam itself. Wish I would have taken this course 8 weeks ago!”
    – Kari W., Illinois Central College

About the Course

Take the course and follow the TherapyEd Path to Success:

  • Create an efficient and effective study plan
  • Learn how to analyze challenging practice questions
  • Assess individual strengths and weaknesses
  • Demonstrate improved critical reasoning and confidence on the PTA Exam
  • Audience Response Clickers create an even more dynamic Prep Class

Course Materials include:

  • Course Manual
  • Content Area Review
  • Study Strategies and Study tips
  • Test Taking Techniques
  • Grading and Examination Information

TherapyEd Guarantee

Our goal at TherapyEd–our mission–is to help students pass the PTA exam the first time.  Although most students who take our course pass the first time, sometimes life unfortunately intervenes and a student is not successful.  We know this is difficult, disappointing, disheartening–and expensive! 

If you take our course and do not pass the PTA exam, you can take the TherapyEd Exam Preparation course again, anywhere, anytime, FOR FREE.  Just look at the schedule of upcoming courses, pick one out, contact us, and we will register you for the course at no charge.

With our course guarantee, our Online Office Hours, the best-selling Review & Study Guide, and rigorous practice questions, our commitment is to help students pass the exam and begin their professional careers.  We hope all this will give you the confidence of our experience.

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