“The new 4th edition of the Review and Study Guide for OTA is excellent! This text has always been a great tool for my students but now it’s even better. I particularly like the new Exam Hints, Cautions and Red Flag boxes interspersed throughout the book; these quickly draw your attention to critical, must know information. Studying the book and taking the online tests thoroughly prepare students to think like a therapist – resulting in passing scores on the Boards. Thank you!”
- Donna, Keiser University
“I thought Online Office Hours were very helpful. It gives you an insight of what will be on the exam. How to prioritize the subjects and focus on things that are commonly learned or used in class and FW. How she mentioned to focus more on Neuro/Stroke patients versus trying to memorize all the medications and try to remember common medications and the contraindications. That it’s impossible to know it all 100%. Also, to review interventions for diagnosis, because that’s most of the exam. I really liked the practice questions at the end. Those were really helpful. Kind of what we did in preclinical. I liked it, plan on joining every Tuesday and Thursday.”
- Joshua O, Keiser University