“I just wanted to take time to thank TherapyEd for the 2-day prep course and also the study prep materials! The TherapyEd book, exams and rationales helped me ace my exam!! I am so thankful I had this study tool. The rationales were very thorough and to the point. Thank you for helping me claim my OTR title!”
- Jonette Ishmael - Thomas Jefferson University
“Hi! I just finished my tutoring session with Paula and I just wanted to say she is absolutely amazing! Her guidance and positive energy has really shifted my thinking in prep for my boards exam and I am forever grateful to have been able to learn from her.”
- Deanna Mazzei - Texas Woman's University
“I wanted to reach out and acknowledge Ms. Paula Carey. I have had some tutoring sessions with her that have been excellent. I would recommend her as a tutor to anyone preparing for the NBCOT exam. She is supportive, caring, and super helpful. She has helped build my confidence and gone above and beyond to help me. She helped me practice questions and think out loud, which enabled me to become more aware of my critical reasoning skills. I also was able to gain a better understanding on how to approach the test questions. I truly appreciate all of the help she has provided thus far. I would recommend the TherapyEd tutoring sessions to anyone. I am very thankful to Paula for all of her help!!”
- Allie Hallberg - Xavier University
“My name is Drew Dillard...from the TherapyEd prep course back on the 12-13 of this month in Atlanta at Georgia State. I wanted to let you know I finally passed my boards to become OTR/L!!! I wanted to thank you for your support, advice and helpful hints and tips you shared that weekend. You certainly had an impact and a big reason why I can proclaim OTR/L!”
- Drew Dillard - Georgia State University
“This course was very helpful and provided great resources. - Priscilla S; Course has given good tips on how to study efficiently. - Sara Z; Love all the practice questions and practice question dissection. - Loretta O”
- Students from Long Island University
“Great Course. I found it very helpful, the instructor did a great job keeping me engaged, pacing the course and explaining different concepts, she also did a fantastic job explaining the rationales behind each question. - Melinda T; I liked how we practiced with the time restrictions because it allowed me to see that I really can complete questions quickly. - Hannah S; Would recommend to others. - Courtney O”
- Students from Elmhurst College
“Amazing! I enjoyed the course very much and will implement all the tools that we were provided with. - Kaitlyn H; Well worth my time and money! I thought it was all going to be a lecture about strategy and was delighted to discover that we used concrete examples and practice. - Katherine V; Fabulous. I feel much more prepared to tackle this now. I would absolutely recommend this course. - Jamie W”
- Students from University of Southern Maine
“This course provides extremely valuable strategies that I would never have able to identify or use had I studied on my own. - Kahla W; It was SO helpful, I feel more prepared now than I did prior. - Mary J”
- Students from Medical University of South Carolina
“Good way to identify which kind of test taker I am, the best way for me to study and how to plan my time. - Gabriella S; Very organized, I liked the incorporation of MC and CS questions and the test taking tips and strategies, it allowed me to make a personalized study plan. - Lauren F; The course provided me with the tools to assess my strengths and weaknesses. - Juliah D”
- Students from Florida Gulf Coast University
“I feel more prepared to study for the exam, as well as exam layout and organization. - Sarah W; This course was extremely beneficial in helping me to clinically reason through the questions. - Jenna E; I am glad I attended this course, I think it was really helpful and gives really good insight into breaking down questions, I am really happy I took this course. - Julie C”
- Students from Concordia University