“Awesome tricks/tips. I feel much more confident. - Arianna H; Provided good insight into exam set up, preparation and what to expect. - Paula D; Course helped to identify strategies for taking the exam and important areas to study. - Sarah V”
- Students of MCPHS
“Very Very helpful and absolutely worth my time and money - Maria R; Very informative and allowed me to focus when studying. - Abby W; This course was very helpful. I feel prepared to enter my studies. - Camarie K”
- Students of University of Texas Medical Branch
“Lots of new knowledge, I learned a lot about the exam and the study strategies. I really enjoyed the course. - Mallory O; I’m glad that I had this course. It was very helpful. - Autumn B; Very insightful, increased confidence and understanding of exam strategies and set up. Gave me a picture of what I need to work on and what a good study plan consists of. - Robin W”
- Students of Eastern Kentucky University
“Overall very helpful. Glad I took the course and would absolutely recommend it to other students. - Lucille R; I feel more confident with my understanding of how to take the NBCOT after taking this course. - Tarryn M; It helped me analyze questions better. - George D”
- Students of University of Missouri
“I feel so much better about taking the exam and preparing. - Abigail O; I enjoyed how this course was structured and set up. I liked the different opportunities to practice strategies, test questions and review. - Katelyn K; Changed my perspective related to the exam and I how I will approach questions. Very helpful course and gave me more confidence moving forward with the study process. - Allie D”
- Students of Chatham University
“Organized and systematic, I feel it really helped me to prepare how and what is most important to study. - Mary W; A+ Course. - Jack D; Very helpful and informative. I feel much more prepared for studying for and taking the exam. - Stephanie M”
- Students of Rockhurst University
“Very beneficial in providing helpful information to prepare for and study for the exam and stress management. - Marlee Jones; So glad that our school offers this course! I feel more confident about my study plan! - Haley Grisham; The course gave very informational and helpful tips to study and pass the NBCOT. - Justin Blevins”
- Students of Abilene Christian University
“Well structured, gave great examples of broad questions and content; Broke down how to analyze questions and responses; provided tips for eliminating options and provided much needed info and details about exam day and preparing for the exam.”
- Katy T, Husson University
“This course was very helpful for me to know what to expect during the exam. It also helped me become more confident in my study plan. - Amanda Berryhill; Very informative and will help me create a study course of action. - Claire Criscione; Great layout, far better than anticipated. - Madison Harpenau”
- Students of St Ambrose University
“Extremely helpful! I feel very organized and prepared just from 2 days. - Perry Rugen; Very informative, straight forward and organized. Beneficial to discuss different test questions and complete practice questions. - Bianca Angstadt; very helpful! Definitely recommend it! - Rachel Frick”
- Students of Temple University