“Thank you so much for setting me up with tutoring services for the NBCOT. Toni Thompson was very helpful and provided me with a lot of wonderful tips and customized the tutoring session to fit my needs. I also utilized the online office hours which were very helpful. With all of your help and encouragement, I was able to pass the NBCOT on my 3rd try by over 30 points!! I am so thankful for everyone who took the time to set up tutoring and make sure that I had the tools I needed to pass the exam. Hopefully in the years to come, I will be able to help tutor other students who might need additional supports like I did. Thanks again!”
- Katie S., OTD, OTR/L
“The TherapyEd book was my primary resource when studying for the NBCOT exam, and I passed on my first try. My advice: Read the content in the book, then take each exam, then review all of possible answers and the rationale of why they were correct/wrong. Once you've finished this process for each exam, repeat the process again as you will not only learn the content, but how to clinically reason during the exam. Good luck!”
“The TherapyEd course and book were crucial in helping me pass the NBCOT exam.”
- Chris Lee - The University of the Sciences
“York College has offered TherapyEd courses for for well over a decade. They have been a significant contributor to our graduates success.”
- Donald Auriemma, Assoc. Prof., Chair, Dept. of OT, York College CUNY
“Very glad for TherapyEd, I passed my exam!! I think this program made all the difference. I honestly ran out of time the last part of the exam but still got a 491”
- Kate Joyce Weston, Western Michigan University
“I took your class at TWU early January. After a failed attempt of 439 on the NBCOT prior to your class, I found out I passed last week with a 486! Thank you for all your help!”
- Katie Griffin
“The TherapyEd book and one-on-one tutoring with Toni Thompson gave me the study skills and tools I needed to go in confidently to my NBCOT exam and pass on my first attempt! I am so grateful and excited to begin my journey as an OTR!”
- Brianna Osbourn, New York University