“Absolutely outstanding instructor! Very knowledgeable, great at explaining concepts, very approachable, very energetic, and encouraging. Thank you so much for helping me increase my self-confidence!!! I absolutely loved that TherapyEd provides a study outline!!! The NPTE Review & Study Guide and PT Course Manual are amazing! I am so happy to have taken this course and would absolutely recommend it to every student preparing for the NPTE!”
- Deliah A., Florida A&M University
“I thought she did an awesome job conducting and leading the course over Zoom. I was able to gain a lot of information from the comfort of my kitchen table.”
- Medlody H., Southwest Baptist University
“Our instructor was very knowledgeable and was excellent in his adaptation to presenting the course via Zoom. I was impressed with his ability to use all the tools Zoom offers when presenting his materials.”
- Ethan J., University of Florida
“This instructor was great! Even though our course had to be modified through Zoom, he was still very engaging and knowledgeable about the exam, test-taking strategies, and each subject matter we discussed.”
- Bao-Quyen N., Nova Southeastern University-Ft. Lauderdale
“Our course instructor was great and was able to easily adapt and teach the course well through the Zoom format.”
- Jonathan J., Nova Southeastern University-Ft. Lauderdale
“This instructor was amazing. She was knowledgeable and presented the information at a great pace. She answered all questions and made the course fun and interactive (which is hard for such a long course online). I would highly recommend this course as well as this instructor.”
- Chris B., University of Massachusetts-Lowell
“The course is super organized and I appreciate that it is split into sections so that you can prepare yourself to study in this format as well. I liked the part about creating a study plan because I was specifically looking for guidance on this.”
- Jennifer P., University of Massachusetts-Lowell
“The instructor did an excellent job of providing explanations and answering questions. Despite having to present through the computer, he had great enthusiasm and was able to keep my attention.”
- Lauren L., University of Central Arkansas
“Extremely helpful, positive, and upbeat, despite the new approach online due to current circumstances.”
- Elizabeth R., University of Central Arkansas
“Instructor was amazing! Her energy and personality really helped to make this course engaging and interactive. Great knowledge of the material. Wish I had her as a professor in PT school.”
- Marla L., Florida International University