“The instructor was great and very informative with every aspect of the exam, was extremely knowledgeable and was able to teach from firsthand experience, helped outline a personalized study plan and was very helpful in understanding the outline of each question, and also seemed to enjoy teaching the material. This course was excellent and helped prepare me for the framework of the exam, and it was very well outlined and provided excellent tips and tricks. It also was great for helping me outline my study plan and provided insight into what the questions will look like and how to prepare for them.”
- Ryan E., University of Texas Medical Branch
“Exceeded my expectations of the course. I feel much better knowing what I need to study and how to go about studying the material.”
- Cody D., University of Texas Medical Branch
“I enjoyed how the course was set up and found it extremely beneficial to break down each section into what to expect/key concepts, overall importance/emphasis, and to get practice answering questions in each section to find my strengths and weaknesses. It was also EXTREMELY great to have a general study guideline to assist in creating an individualized plan. Plus all of the "day of" test-taking tips will come in handy!”
- Amber K., University of Jamestown-Fargo
“Loved the course format and WAY better setup and information than Scorebuilders, which I also took.”
- McKayla K., University of Oklahoma Health Science-Tulsa
“A lot better than the Scorebuilders course.”
- Alyssa G., New York Institute of Technology
“This course really helped me know where to start and how to study.”
- Sidney L., Louisiana State University Shreveport
“An intense course that significantly increased my confidence in implementing a study plan for the exam, while also making me aware of all my strengths and weaknesses.”
- Zach P., Louisiana State University Shreveport
“This course really helped me restart my studying. I had hit a lull with studying and this course really helped me reset everything and get back on track.”
- Courtney A., Saint Louis University
“I enjoyed the online format of the course, first time I have taken one, and it was well organized and very informative.”
- Wynn G., Manitoba, CA.
“This course got me excited and ready to study!”
- Emma G., Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions