“I just wanted to extend my thanks and gratitude to you. The prep course was very helpful for me, and I was thrilled to find out very early this morning that I passed the April NPTE! I am so glad I made the decision to attend the course even though it was close to the exam date.”
- Regina S., Sacred Heart University
“This was an excellent course and I feel very prepared regarding how to proceed with continuing to prepare for the exam. The supplemental material was excellent, and I intend on keeping it even after the exam is over.”
- Tyler M., Armstrong State University
“I would highly recommend this course.”
- Bridget M., University of Florida
“Great course! It really helped me get into the right mindset for the exam.”
- Jodi G., University of Florida
“Absolutely wonderful course, put things into perspective and my mind at ease; at the same time, it motivated me to organize and study to succeed on the NPTE.”
- Elise Q., Seton Hall University
“This course was excellent! It captured a broad picture of how the NPTE questions are written and strategies how to narrow down to the correct answer. The Course Manual provided great concise outlines in a logical and organized fashion based on each topic to reference. Great study tool!”
- Sara E., Nova Southeastern University-Tampa
“I chose this course specifically because of the instructor - he is one of the best instructors I have had the benefit of being taught by. He added humor and levity to the course which helped ease anxiety, yet still conveyed appropriate seriousness. He gave great feedback and was so willing to help beyond the scope of this weekend course.”
- Madeline M., University of the Incarnate Word
“I loved the enthusiasm with which the instructor presented the material and more importantly how she energized me to make a study plan, and also to focus on staying calm i.e. mental health.”
- Ashley L., Rutgers University
“This instructor deserves a raise! He was engaging and very knowledgeable. I feel 100 times more confident about the exam after taking this course.”
- Alissa G., University of Rhode Island
“One of the best instructors I have ever listened to - kept my attention well, did not spend time over-explaining, but still offered sufficient information. Helped the exam seem accomplishable.”
- Katelyn K., Southwest Baptist University