“Great Course. I found it very helpful, the instructor did a great job keeping me engaged, pacing the course and explaining different concepts, she also did a fantastic job explaining the rationales behind each question. - Melinda T; I liked how we practiced with the time restrictions because it allowed me to see that I really can complete questions quickly. - Hannah S; Would recommend to others. - Courtney O”
- Students from Elmhurst College
“Amazing! I enjoyed the course very much and will implement all the tools that we were provided with. - Kaitlyn H; Well worth my time and money! I thought it was all going to be a lecture about strategy and was delighted to discover that we used concrete examples and practice. - Katherine V; Fabulous. I feel much more prepared to tackle this now. I would absolutely recommend this course. - Jamie W”
- Students from University of Southern Maine
“This course provides extremely valuable strategies that I would never have able to identify or use had I studied on my own. - Kahla W; It was SO helpful, I feel more prepared now than I did prior. - Mary J”
- Students from Medical University of South Carolina
“Good way to identify which kind of test taker I am, the best way for me to study and how to plan my time. - Gabriella S; Very organized, I liked the incorporation of MC and CS questions and the test taking tips and strategies, it allowed me to make a personalized study plan. - Lauren F; The course provided me with the tools to assess my strengths and weaknesses. - Juliah D”
- Students from Florida Gulf Coast University
“I feel more prepared to study for the exam, as well as exam layout and organization. - Sarah W; This course was extremely beneficial in helping me to clinically reason through the questions. - Jenna E; I am glad I attended this course, I think it was really helpful and gives really good insight into breaking down questions, I am really happy I took this course. - Julie C”
- Students from Concordia University
“Very beneficial and enhanced my learning.” - Huong L; Very informative, provided strategies to help me be successful by learning what type of test taker you are and strengths and weaknesses. - Peyton H; Very helpful with detailed information regarding test taking strategies, useful test reading and interpretation techniques and location of rationale knowledge. - Briana D”
- Students of College of St Mary
“Awesome tricks/tips. I feel much more confident. - Arianna H; Provided good insight into exam set up, preparation and what to expect. - Paula D; Course helped to identify strategies for taking the exam and important areas to study. - Sarah V”
- Students of MCPHS
“Very Very helpful and absolutely worth my time and money - Maria R; Very informative and allowed me to focus when studying. - Abby W; This course was very helpful. I feel prepared to enter my studies. - Camarie K”
- Students of University of Texas Medical Branch
“Lots of new knowledge, I learned a lot about the exam and the study strategies. I really enjoyed the course. - Mallory O; I’m glad that I had this course. It was very helpful. - Autumn B; Very insightful, increased confidence and understanding of exam strategies and set up. Gave me a picture of what I need to work on and what a good study plan consists of. - Robin W”
- Students of Eastern Kentucky University
“Overall very helpful. Glad I took the course and would absolutely recommend it to other students. - Lucille R; I feel more confident with my understanding of how to take the NBCOT after taking this course. - Tarryn M; It helped me analyze questions better. - George D”
- Students of University of Missouri