“Very beneficial in providing helpful information to prepare for and study for the exam and stress management. - Marlee Jones; So glad that our school offers this course! I feel more confident about my study plan! - Haley Grisham; The course gave very informational and helpful tips to study and pass the NBCOT. - Justin Blevins”
- Students of Abilene Christian University
“Well structured, gave great examples of broad questions and content; Broke down how to analyze questions and responses; provided tips for eliminating options and provided much needed info and details about exam day and preparing for the exam.”
- Katy T, Husson University
“This course was very helpful for me to know what to expect during the exam. It also helped me become more confident in my study plan. - Amanda Berryhill; Very informative and will help me create a study course of action. - Claire Criscione; Great layout, far better than anticipated. - Madison Harpenau”
- Students of St Ambrose University
“Extremely helpful! I feel very organized and prepared just from 2 days. - Perry Rugen; Very informative, straight forward and organized. Beneficial to discuss different test questions and complete practice questions. - Bianca Angstadt; very helpful! Definitely recommend it! - Rachel Frick”
- Students of Temple University
“I loved the organization of the course and the helpful tips about types of questions and key words. Both course manual and the exam book are extremely helpful in my learning.”
- Alissa B - Northern Arizona University
“Worth the money! Thank you! - Melissa Green; I appreciate learning “how” to take the test, not just study content review. - Stephanie Voss; Really prepares you for how to process and answer the questions. - Angela Dolan”
- Students of St. Catherine's University
“I’m glad I signed up for this course. It was very helpful. - Deja-Monique Bradley; Amazing and I definitely recommend the course to any OT student. - Christopher Cesar; I think it helped in showing me how I should study for the NBCOT, my strengths and weaknesses and the exam format. - Kelly Bailey”
- Students of Barry University
“The course was very helpful and I appreciated being able to learn better test taking strategies and learning how to develop the best study plan for me. The course helped ease the anxiety I have about the exam. - Hannah Narvaan; The course had an organized layout of the testing information and OT practice areas. I enjoyed answering and reviewing the answers thoroughly as a group while discussing rationale for correct answers. - Danielle Accordino; The course eased my anxiety regarding the NBCOT test. I learned strategies to make test taking more effective. - Devek Drasbu”
- Students of University of Scranton
“The course is a great way to reduce some anxiety regarding the test and gives insight as to how to prepare and study. - Chelsea W; I am really thankful I signed up for the course. Initially the questions made me feel overwhelmed but as we scored and reasoned through them I felt my confidence improve. I also felt like I understood the logic behind the correct answers for the ones I missed. - Morgan C; The course provided great tips and tricks on how to study, how to prepare mentally and what to expect from the exam. It helped calm my nerves about all the unknowns about the exam and also helped me better understand the test questions. - Danielle C”
- Students of Creighton University
“Very Helpful, went by quickly, a good schedule and use of time. - Bayley M; Very educational and worth the $$$$$$! - Melanie F; I learned several tips, strategies and test taking skills. I feel better prepared to study and test take overall. - Jena D”
- Students of St. Ambrose University