“The course is a great way to reduce some anxiety regarding the test and gives insight as to how to prepare and study. - Chelsea W; I am really thankful I signed up for the course. Initially the questions made me feel overwhelmed but as we scored and reasoned through them I felt my confidence improve. I also felt like I understood the logic behind the correct answers for the ones I missed. - Morgan C; The course provided great tips and tricks on how to study, how to prepare mentally and what to expect from the exam. It helped calm my nerves about all the unknowns about the exam and also helped me better understand the test questions. - Danielle C”
- Students of Creighton University
“Very Helpful, went by quickly, a good schedule and use of time. - Bayley M; Very educational and worth the $$$$$$! - Melanie F; I learned several tips, strategies and test taking skills. I feel better prepared to study and test take overall. - Jena D”
- Students of St. Ambrose University
“I felt very nervous and anxious about taking the NBCOT before this course but now I have a plan for studying, I can identify my strengths and weaknesses and I have been shown that I do know the information, I just need to know how to apply it. I am not as worried anymore.”
- Heather C. Le Moyne University
“The course was well organized and covered each aspect of the exam and preparation in a helpful manner. I feel prepared to start studying in terms of creating a study plan, strategizing my study approach, assessing my strengths/weaknesses and how to utilize my resources. The course was definitely worth the cost and time. - Samantha Rodimer; Great introduction to studying, helpful information, very informative and helped me remember back to various topics. - Hannah Wilcox; Helpful in preparing and approaching and dissecting questions for the exam. - Elizabeth Bicknell”
- Students of Ithaca College
“Thank you Toni Thompson! Thank you TherapyEd! Thank you Ben, my husband, best friend and best encourager! Thank you God for gifting me with a brain to process all this information again. At age 52, while raising three absolutely amazing kids, and working as an occupational therapist wearing "a different kind of hat" while engaged in community development for 20 years through a faith-based organization working in rural poverty, never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined myself sitting for the NBCOT board exam again. I was blessed by the day in which an occupational therapy department head shared with me the existence of "TherapyEd". I had been preparing on my own, with the resources that I had found through my research. But I know I could not have survived the 6 months marathon culminating with my exam now in October, had it not been for the personal and focused help that came in to the process on August 10th when I attended the TherapyEd training in Austin with Toni Thompson. It was the best investment for me! It helped me put order in my studying and calmness in my preparation process. I needed all of that to re-engage and re-awaken this knowledge. :) Toni, Thank you for all your support. Thank you for responding to all my frantic texts, detailed emails and phone calls. The most important one was the shortest email you sent me the night before the exam :) "No more studying. Relax tonight. Relax." I would have reviewed for 2 more hours ?. Instead I was alert and rested on testing day. I would not have made it without your guidance and support. I needed everyone of those strategies! The content study and personal test taking analysis while taking a practice test. I put ALL of them in practice. Your presence and availability made my experience bearable when I was about to give up, focused and with direction when feeling lost, and ready and equipped to tackle the next step ahead. Thank you!!! What even blows my mind is that my score was higher than the one I got when I sat for the NBCOT in 1991! Thank you so much! Blessings! Leonora Newell, OTR again (after I accomplish my PDU units :)”
- Leonora Newell, OTR again (after I accomplish my PDU units :)
“Dear Rita, I just want to let you know the good news - I passed the NBCOT exam - thank you to you and your amazing course and book. I am so so grateful and will definitely recommend it in the future. Thank you so much again.”
- Chaya Lederman OTR
“I took the review course offered at the University of Findlay and passed my certification test on the first attempt! Cathi D. was an amazing instructor! She provided us with wonderful study tips and ways to organize our studies so that the material was not too overwhelming. I would recommend this course to anyone!”
- Maegan King
“Since instituting mandatory attendance of the Therapy Ed course, our student pass rate on the NBCOT exam has been between 96 to 100%. Students report feeling better prepared to take the exam.”
- Kristy Meyer, Harcum College
“The TherapyEd course and book were crucial in helping me pass the NBCOT exam.”
- Chris Lee - The University of the Sciences
“York College has offered TherapyEd courses for for well over a decade. They have been a significant contributor to our graduates success.”
- Donald Auriemma, Assoc. Prof., Chair, Dept. of OT, York College CUNY