“This instructor was amazing! I personally have been struggling with confidence about the exam and with her help I now feel more relaxed and confident. An excellent course - having a feel for what the exam will be like, I now feel more confident about taking it.”
- Samantha B., North Central State College
“Great course that everyone should take before the exam.”
- Peyton F., Ozarks Technical Community College
“This course helped me a lot with different ways to look at questions and answers and figure out which way is better for me to study. I have taken the exam before and this course helped me identify where I was having problems with studying and it opened my eyes to focus on passing the exam.”
- Kayla S., Ozarks Technical Community College
“This course helped me tremendously to be prepared for the exam - information was very valuable.”
- Jesus F., Concorde Career College-Garden Grove
“I found it helpful to have a PTA instead of a PT teach the course. The instructor was patient, thorough and clearly enjoys teaching.”
- Danielle H., Cecil College
“I definitely recommend this course to all PTA students preparing for their exams.”
- Andrew M., Elgin Community College
“All students should go through this course to have a better understanding of the exam, because it is not like other exams.”
- Ashley W., South College-Asheville
“This course was very helpful in helping me study for the exam. I didn't know how to start but now I do.”
- Nicole B., Naugatuck Valley Community College
“This course was something that I absolutely needed to organize my study time.”
- Angelica M., South College-Knoxville
“Great energy! I learned a lot from the instructor and her knowledge was impressive. I feel more confident for this exam after her teaching. Very glad I took this course! Worth every minute! I now have a better knowledge of the content and format of the exam.”
- Annie B., Baker College of Auburn Hills