“Dear TherapyEd Instructor Colleen Maher:

Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to educate us about the NBCOTT tips and tricks and giving us practice on potential test questions. We feel more confident now.
Kind Regards,”
- OTA Class of 2021, South Arkansas Community College
“Our students value the TherapyEd Review course because they learn test taking techniques and tips, in addition to reviewing content. We provide the course after level II fieldwork is completed and the feedback students give us is very positive. They state that the review course pulls together everything they learned in their courses and on fieldwork, which they believe contributed to passing the board exam. We know it is a good sign when the class is asking us if the TherapyEd Review course has been scheduled yet! Our current students do not graduate until May 2022 and they having been asking me already (November 2021)!

- Nicole Scheiman, DrOT, MHS, OTR/L, CLT-LANA, CES, CKTP, CEES-Advanced, CSST, CDCS, CORE Department Chair/Program Director/ Associate Professor
“I had to take the time to write you and let you know that I am so grateful for the course! I took my COTA® exam 2 times and failed by 9 pts. Then I took the TherapyEd course with Toni Thompson (truly an amazing instructor) 3 days before my exam and raised my score by 31 points!! On the day I took my test I didn’t feel as much anxiety and left unsure as usual, however I knew that I used the methods I had been taught in the course during testing and THAT is what guided me to passing. I have celebrated every day since I passed doing what I absolutely love; as a pediatric COTA®! Ms. Thompson was right when she said “All the studying and all the hard work, this is what it takes to be a COTA®”. Those words ran through my mind over and over and encouraged me to do this for myself! On scoring day when I passed she was one of the first people I notified! I can’t thank her enough!”
- Shelby Hall, COTA®
“Just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with the results of the OTA exam prep course last year. NBCOT® scores for our students were higher than in previous years. The average score for our previous year's graduates was 478. The average score for last year's graduates, who had the TherapyEd OTA exam prep course, was 495! Thanks for helping us maintain our 100% pass rate!”
- Elizabeth Olivier OTR/L, MHS Department Chair, Occupational Therapy Assistant Program, Tyler Junior College
“I took the course yesterday with Paula Carey and I have to let you know she was phenomenal!! She really cared about OTAs and student success. I figured beforehand I would be bored to tears. I wasn't at all. I was interested and captivated all day long!! Thank you for providing a wonderful resource for study guidance with your courses!!”
- Jillian Orsi - Quinsigamond Community College
“Hello, my name is Heather Smith and I wanted to email you to share my success story with TherapyEd. The first three times of taking my exam and failing all three with the score of 437, I used the purple book, Pass the OT, and AOTA PDFs and none of those materials helped me to pass. I was very intimidated by the TherapyEd book but knew for certain that I would have to study it to achieve my goal. I re-took the TherapyEd course with Toni Thompson and then spent 2-3 sessions with her tutoring me one-on-one. She told me this: “It is better to prepare for a 10K and show up to find out it is a 5K than to prepare for a 5K and show up to find out it is a 10K.” That was the example she gave about TherapyEd and it stuck with me. She told me to study questions and use a highlighter to highlight important key words and use the strike out method. She told me I knew what I was doing and I knew the material and to just practice questions. So that is what I did. I went through every exam in the back of the TherapyEd book and every Rationale. I took my exam on May 3, 2019 and found out that I was Heather Lynn Smith, COTA/L on May 8, 2019. My score increased 40 points following Toni Thompson’s advice and studying questions and rationales in the back of the TherapyEd book. Toni is a jewel and a great asset to TherapyEd and I know that you all are very proud to have her as I feel very blessed to have had her as a tutor. I hope this testimonial will help someone else who is struggling to pass this exam.”
- Heather Smith, COTA/L, Kershaw Health
“This course is very helpful, I learned a lot. - Ashley U; Very helpful. I am not a good test taker and I feel this course helped me to process the test questions. - Kristin R; Relieved my stress for preparing for the exam. - Allyson H”
- Students of Allegany College of Maryland
“I feel the course was very educational and helpful in preparing me for the NBCOT®. - Ashley Love; Loved the questions throughout the course and the discussion that followed. - Lauren Rothrock; Great information on strategies. - Jacque Lee”
- Students of Green River Community College
“This course was very effective at helping me to identify areas to study. - Nicole Dacus, Mercyhurst; Gave great tips on how to tackle the questions. Overall great course! - Teah Bines, Mercyhurst; Really enjoyed, the instructor was very helpful with all of her knowledge. - Jordan Shanley, Villa Maria”
- Students from Mercyhurst University and Villa Maria College
“Awesome, very understandable and easy to follow along, I felt prepared. - Megan Gresham; Lots of useful information. Made me think about what I need to study and how. - Karen Craig; Well prepared. I’m glad I sat for this course. I’ve learned a lot about preparing adequately for the exam. - Sharon Anderson”
- Students from Fox College