“Hello, my name is Heather Smith and I wanted to email you to share my success story with TherapyEd. The first three times of taking my exam and failing all three with the score of 437, I used the purple book, Pass the OT, and AOTA PDFs and none of those materials helped me to pass. I was very intimidated by the TherapyEd book but knew for certain that I would have to study it to achieve my goal. I re-took the TherapyEd course with Toni Thompson and then spent 2-3 sessions with her tutoring me one-on-one. She told me this: “It is better to prepare for a 10K and show up to find out it is a 5K than to prepare for a 5K and show up to find out it is a 10K.” That was the example she gave about TherapyEd and it stuck with me. She told me to study questions and use a highlighter to highlight important key words and use the strike out method. She told me I knew what I was doing and I knew the material and to just practice questions. So that is what I did. I went through every exam in the back of the TherapyEd book and every Rationale. I took my exam on May 3, 2019 and found out that I was Heather Lynn Smith, COTA/L on May 8, 2019. My score increased 40 points following Toni Thompson’s advice and studying questions and rationales in the back of the TherapyEd book. Toni is a jewel and a great asset to TherapyEd and I know that you all are very proud to have her as I feel very blessed to have had her as a tutor. I hope this testimonial will help someone else who is struggling to pass this exam.”
- Heather Smith, COTA/L, Kershaw Health
“Great Information, the book is very helpful. - Sasha C; It helped me realize that I need to get serious about my study schedule. - Madison H; Very beneficial and I feel it prepared me very well to start my study plan. - Elisa A”
- Students of Caddo Kiowa Technology Center
“Hey TherapyEd! I relied heavily on the TherapyEd COTA Review and Study Guide to pass my NBCOT exam by a *wide* margin on my first attempt. I was extremely well prepared; the exam itself felt much easier than the TherapyEd Practice Exams. THANK YOU for an awesome product!!!”
- Jennifer Kennedy - Chattahoochee Technical College (GA)
“This textbook has it all! A thorough bullet-list review of OTA curriculum content, study tips and test-taking strategies and 600 questions with valuable rationales to explain best answer choices. A highlight is the descriptions of reasoning types associated with each question so students can look for trends in their thought process and learn how to overcome critical thinking obstacles. Highly recommended for success on the NBCOT exam!”
- Scott Homer, Program Chair/Assistant Professor, Maria College Occupational Therapy Assistant Program
“Based on our current statistics of recommending the TherapyEd OTA Review and Study Guide book to students to facilitate learning through the course, we have 6 consecutive years of 100% pass rates on the NBCOT exam.”
- Jennifer Renshaw​, Cape Fear Community College
“The new 4th edition of the Review and Study Guide for OTA is excellent! This text has always been a great tool for my students but now it’s even better. I particularly like the new Exam Hints, Cautions and Red Flag boxes interspersed throughout the book; these quickly draw your attention to critical, must know information. Studying the book and taking the online tests thoroughly prepare students to think like a therapist – resulting in passing scores on the Boards. Thank you!”
- Donna, Keiser University