For Faculty

Dear PT Educators,

For over 30 years educators have chosen TherapyEd to help their students prepare for and succeed on the National Physical Therapy Licensure Exam. Program and student success are interdependent and both are measured by the yardstick of the NPTE. The better students are prepared, the better they perform on the exam, and the better the students from a school do, the better the school’s evaluations and passing rates are. This inter-relationship between the success of students and the evaluation of a school has guided TherapyEd from the beginning as we have developed tools and resources to help students prepare for and pass the licensure exam. 

TherapyEd’s Path to Success gives educational programs a proven way to better prepare students for the exam. That is why year after year more than 99% of the students who take our course say they would recommend it to others. The Path to Success offers a comprehensive set of tools to help students succeed, including:

  • The PT Exam Prep course,
  • TherapyEd’s National Physical Therapy Licensure Exam Review and Study Guide,
  • FREE Online Office Hours offered live with a TherapyEd Instructor,
  • New PT online assessment exam with program assessment data,
  • TherapyEd’s new NPTE mobile app.

To support educators in their own teaching we also offer a yearly webinar, led by Dr Kari Inda, on “The Art and Science of Item Writing for High Stake Exams.” With our extensive resources, exceptional instructors and years of proven success, we’re the company with the knowledge, experience, and expertise to prepare students to pass the NPTE with confidence.

Our Instructors

At the heart of TherapyEd’s efforts to help students pass their exam are the Instructors and Authors who teach the course and develop our teaching materials. Our instructors are experienced leaders in the profession and include Program Directors, Fieldwork Coordinators, Researchers, and Practitioners. All are dedicated to helping students succeed on the exam. Our authors and instructors include:

  • Scott W. Shaffer, PT, PhD, ECS
  • Angelique Dirkes PT, DPT, MS
  • Suzanne M Giuffre MS, PT, Ed.D
  • Judith Hershberg PT, DPT, MS
  • Edward Kane PT, PhD, ATC
  • Cathy Lane PT, DPT, MS
  • Vince Lepak PT, DPT, MPH
  • Kathleen Shillue PT, DPT, OCS
  • Raymond Siegelman PT, DPT, MS
  • Laura Smith PT, DPT, MTC, FAAOMPT
  • Thomas G. Sutlive PT, PhD
  • Susan O’Sullivan, PT, EdD

TherapyEd’s Path to Success

TherapyEd’s Path to Success gives students and programs targeted tools to focus study time, identify strengths and weaknesses, improve content comprehension, develop test-taking strategies, and ensure exam success.

TherapyEd’s PT Exam Prep Class creates a social learning atmosphere that is individual, responsive, immediate, and dynamic. Our expert instructors motivate students to prepare for the exam and provide the appropriate tools and resources to implement a successful study plan.

  • Create an efficient and effective study plan,
  • Learn how to analyze challenging practice questions,
  • Assess individual strengths and weaknesses,
  • Demonstrate improved critical reasoning and confidence on the NPTE,
  • Course Manual offering targeted content review, additional practice questions, study tips, test taking strategies, and self-assessment guides.

TherapyEd’s National Physical Therapy Licensure Exam Review & Study Guide by O’Sullivan, Siegelman, Shaffer, and Sutlive.

The TherapyEd National Physical Therapy Licensure Exam Review & Study Guide is the most respected, comprehensive, and up-to-date guide available.

  • #1 best-selling Exam Prep book for the exam,
  • Completely updated for the current exam blueprint,
  • Includes 3 complete summative practice exams with rigorous Multiple Choice test items and the new scenario-based questions,
  • Detailed rationales for all answers, including critical reasoning rationales,
  • Detailed Score Reports to identify problem areas, guide studying, and prioritize your study plan.

Free Online Office Hours: Moderated every week by an experienced TherapyEd instructor, our Online Office Hours give students a way to extend their studying and get extra help. Every Wednesday students log-in, ask questions, and get personalized help while also learning from other students’ questions. The sessions include a short, focused content review of an important exam topic followed by discussion of test-taking strategies and an open question and answer session.

TherapyEd’s Strategies for Success Online Seminar: Presented by Dr. Suzanne Giuffre, this 1 1/2 hour online seminar for students at the beginning of their PT education helps new students understand the higher level of learning required in DPT programs and gives them strategies and tools to make a successful transition to graduate level work.

TherapyEd’s PT Online Assessment Exam: Designed to determine student readiness to take the licensure exam, the PT Assessment exam measures student knowledge by content area, domain of knowledge, and critical reasoning skill. It is mapped to the current NPTE domains to help program directors better identify how students perform by domain and if there are any weak areas needing to be addressed ahead of sitting for the actual exam. The exam covers a broad range of PT practice settings and diagnoses, including screening, evaluation, intervention planning, intervention management, and discharge. Program directors can use this information on student cohort performance to inform their curriculum and determine if enhancements may be helpful to better prepare students for the licensure exam.