• TherapyEd is the leader in helping students prepare for and pass the NBCOT®‘s OTR® Exam. Through our two-day courses, best-selling Review & Study Guide, personal tutoring, Online Office Hours, and rigorous practice questions we help thousands of students pass the OTR® exam every year.

TherapyEd’s National OT Exam
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TherapyEd’s Prep Course for the OTR® Exam

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TherapyEd’s National Occupational Therapist Certification Exam Review & Study Guide

For over 30 years TherapyEd has been the leader in preparing students for their licensure and certification exams. With hundreds of exam preparation courses given on campus, and our #1 best-selling Review & Study Guide, TherapyEd helps thousands of students pass the NBCOT®‘s OTR® exam every year.

TherapyEd’s new 10th edition National Occupational Therapist Certification Exam Review & Study Guide, is the #1 best-selling guide for the exam. Distinguished educator Dr. Rita P. Fleming-Castaldy works with a team of contributors to make sure the book is completely up-to-date for the exam. It features:

  • Comprehensive content review in a clear and concise outline format,
  • Engaging, full-color graphics,
  • 3 complete online simulated exams with both Multiple Choice and the new Scenario Set items,
  • Insightful Score Reports to identify individual strengths and weaknesses,
  • TherapyEd’s revolutionary new Online Learning Assistant featuring new AI exam prep tools.

The comprehensive content review and rigorous practice exam items make sure students are ready for anything that may appear on the exam. The questions are designed to match, or even slightly exceed, the level of difficulty and complexity found on the real exam to make sure students who prepare with TherapyEd are fully ready to succeed on the real, high-stakes OTR® exam.

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TherapyEd’s Prep Course for the NBCOT®‘s OTR® Exam

TherapyEd’s OT Exam Prep class creates a social learning atmosphere that is individual, responsive, immediate, and dynamic. The course stresses developing critical reasoning skills within the context of the exam and active learning is emphasized. Practice in reading, interpreting, and answering questions like those on the OTR® exam help assess individual strengths and weaknesses and the guided learning format helps develop students’ critical reasoning skills.

Our exam prep courses are taught by leading educators with years of experience helping students. They use their collective knowledge and diverse practice backgrounds to help students prepare and do their best on exam day. They motivate and teach students to breakdown and analyze questions to understand the best answer choice. Appropriate tools and resources to implement a successful study plan are provided and actual exam behaviors are replicated to better develop the reasoning abilities needed to be successful.

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TherapyEd’s Personal Tutoring provides the opportunity for individualized learning for students who want a more one-on-one experience. Instructors help assess strengths and weaknesses and work to design customized study plans to address areas of need. From content review to test-taking strategies and stress management, tutoring helps students succeed on the exam by providing expertise, encouragement, and experience.

Why TherapyEd?

TherapyEd is the leader in preparing occupational therapy students for the OTR® exam. Every year we help thousands of candidates pass their exam with our on-campus and online Exam Preparation Courses, best-selling National Occupational Therapist Certification Exam Review & Study Guide, rigorous online practice exams, personal tutoring, and online resources. Our mission is to help educate the next generation of OT professionals through the use of ethical, high quality tools and resources designed to empower mastery and ensure success on the OTR® exam.

In choosing occupational therapy as a career you have elected to join a community of hard-working professionals who improve the quality of life for thousands of patients every day. At TherapyEd, our goal is to improve your quality of life by helping you prepare for and succeed on the OTR® exam.

Register for a TherapyEd Exam Preparation Course, purchase the TherapyEd National Occupational Therapist Certification Exam Review & Study Guide and take our online practice exams to make sure you pass the first time.


We have been preparing students for their exams for over 30 years.  We rely on our instructors – their enthusiasm, talent and commitment – to make every course our students attend a success. Our instructors are leaders in their profession with experience as professors, authors, speakers, clinicians, and item writers with a wide diversity of expertise.

What do students think?

“I had to take the time to write you and let you know that I am so grateful for the course!…”

“I took the course yesterday with Paula Carey and I have to let you know she was phenomenal!!…”

“Great Information, the book is very helpful.”

“It helped me realize that I need to get serious about my study schedule.”

Very beneficial and I feel it prepared me very well to start my study plan.”

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Introducing TherapyEd’s NEW Mobile App for the NBCOT®‘s OTR® Exam

TherapyEd’s mobile test prep app is a powerful and essential tool to help you pass the OT Exam. Included are comprehensive practice questions with detailed explanations and references to the best-selling National Occupational Therapist Certification Exam Review & Study Guide to help you master core concepts for your exam. Generate custom study sessions based on your mastery and filter by core domains, categories, and reasoning strategies. Track your progress and know where to improve next in real-time as you answer questions.

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  • “My name is Rebecca Mitchell, and I had Paula Carey as a TherapyEd tutor from June 26, 2023 to October 2nd, 2023. At that point in time, I had failed the exam twice and felt like I exhausted all options from: receiving Pass the OT tutoring to studying AOTA, NBCOT StudyPack, TherapyEd, 450 Formula Videos, and OT Miri Videos. My tutor through Pass the OT would show up late, and end the sessions on time often making me feel like I was just a paycheck. Then I met Paula. She showed up on time, improved my critical reasoning, listened when I needed it, helped me develop a time management plan, catered each session to strengthen my problem areas, helped me develop confidence, pushed me to work on my mental health, and believed in me even when I didn’t. She never made me feel like my questions were stupid, and would always answer them even if it was close to the end of our session. She was tutoring so many people, but always made me feel like I was a priority. Before meeting Paula, I was studying 8-10 hours a day, overthinking questions, reading too much into details, spiraling when I couldn’t find answers, and constantly stuck on questions that haunted me from past exams. My third attempt I increased 20 points, but didn’t pass by 9 points. I was absolutely devastated because I was so adamant in my mind that I past. After this, I had hit one of the lowest points of my life, and began questioning if I still wanted to become an OT. I broke down to Paula during a tutoring session. I explained to her how I was grieving a family member, navigating planning a wedding and helping close friends plan their weddings, and going through big life changes. I told her my reservations about becoming an OT, lack of motivation, and how the fear of failure was consuming my life. Paula didn’t charge me for that session, but listened to me and showed me grace. That session became a pivotal point in changing my mindset, and the trajectory for the weeks to come. She helped me realize it wasn’t the content, but essentially my mental health. Every test I took I missed it by a couple points, but never walked away thinking I didn’t know enough content. When people would quiz me I knew it, and when I did questions I had the right critical thinking. I would pass every time I took practice tests, because I didn’t have anxiety or the fear of failure while taking them. My anxiety would get so bad the weeks leading up to the exam that I wouldn’t sleep for days. By my 4th attempt the only thing I had done differently was work on my mental health. I attended therapy once a week, strengthened my relationship with God, met with Paula once a week, but only studied/reviewed the content for 2 weeks for a couple hours a day leading up to the exam. I didn’t study the two days prior to the exam for the first time ever, and engaged in occupations I enjoyed and relaxed. The 4th time I passed with flying colors. This showed me that even if you have all of the right study tools and know all of the content if you aren’t in the right headspace you won’t pass. I’ve grown more over this year than I have my whole life, and Paula was a crucial component in that. She made a huge impact on my life both professionally and personally, and I will be forever grateful that we met. If you need a tutor, please don’t hesitate choosing Paula Carey!!!”
    – Rebecca Mitchell
  • “I am writing regarding Paula, my tutor, to pass on to you how great I think she is. I think she is an incredible motivator, she holds people accountable, and most importantly instills confidence in her students.

    I am still on quite a high from learning I passed. I sort of can’t believe it still, I was going through all the ones after the test I was certain I didn’t get and assumed that cost me the test. BUT, it didn’t!

    I’d like to thank you for being the biggest reason I passed this test. I know you’ll say it was Me who was the biggest reason but I think it was Paula’s approach, attitude, motivation, and willingness to help that propelled me over the hump. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me pass and really think you are very good at what you do. I hope we stay in touch or our paths cross again. Thank you, Paula!
    – R.J. Tuchscherer, OTR
  • “As a new OTD program, our faculty has been anxious and excited in anticipation for our inaugural cohort to meet all of their educational milestones with success. Then, this inaugural Class of 2021 was met with challenges, barriers, and delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We had always planned to integrate the Therapy Ed preparation course into our curriculum in the 8th semester as a component of the professional competency seminar. This course has learning outcomes around NBCOT exam preparation and professional transitions from student to practitioner. For this Class of 2021, these objectives became more important and challenging after experiencing delays in fieldwork and adjusting to hybrid communications and learning. Therapy Ed could not have been more accommodating and supportive. They were able to offer a virtual preparation course for our students on the timeline that worked best for all of them. There was flexibility for students who had a conflict and superb follow up from the staff and the course instructor. Our students reported back that the instructor was engaging, helpful, and seemed to truly care about their success. Therapy Ed and Dr. Fleming-Castaldy went above and beyond by scheduling an online “refresher” course for our students (and others) after they completed their Doctoral Capstone placements to review and prepare them for intensive exam studying. All of our inaugural graduates who took the exam in 2021 have passed on the first attempt and the rest of the cohort are showing great success as well! We look forward to a return to in-person Therapy Ed courses but feel confident that our students will be prepared in any format!”
    – Meredith Gronski, OTD, OTR/L, CLA Program Director & Chair Methodist University OTD Program
  • “I appreciate the time and all that you have done in supporting my preparation for the NBCOT. I PASSED MY EXAM and I can’t help but think of people that have helped me through this arduous process. Susan, thank you so much for all that you do to support students like myself. Wishing you a beautiful day!”
    – Monica Martinez, USC Chan Division of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy
  • “We are so appreciative of the support and resources at TherapyEd that begin with the personal contacts with the company, the instructors, and the quality and variety of resources they offer. The Office Hours is a great resource for students especially when they are out on their final Level II fieldwork.

    Our students who take the course have found it extremely helpful and it seems to increase their confidence with the strategies they learn in the course and the study plans they create.

    Personally, I also value the direct support to programs. I am learning more each year as I work with TherapyEd and receive the analysis of student performance on the practice exams and how we as a faculty can reflect and use the results to improve our program to better support student learning. Thank you!
    – Heather Javaherian, OTD, OTR/L, FAOTA Program Director, MOT Department of Occupational Therapy School of Allied Health Professions, Loma Linda University
  • “It exceeded my expectations! It was a great review and gave great hints and practice for multiple choice questions. The instructor was knowledgeable and very good at guiding the group!”
    – Megan Shanley, OTR Indiana University
  • “Taking the prep course was the absolute BEST thing for me. I took the NBCOT twice before finally investing in the course. The course taught me to not second-guess myself, to take my time, to look at key words and utilize the test-taking strategies and tips they offered. It’s expensive but it’s so worth it. I went into my exam the third time feeling so much more prepared and ready and I’m happy to say I passed my exam with flying colors. If you’re wondering whether you should invest in the course or not this is your hint to DO IT! You won’t regret it! Thank you TherapyEd!!”
    – Briyana Jackson, OTR/L, Radford University–Carilion
  • “The course was helpful in that it improved the way I read and interpret questions. The study guide is most helpful in that it is a great overview of OT info (organized and concise). I feel more confident now in my ability to take the exam.”
    – Angela Mahosky, Duquesne University
  • “Before taking the course:
    After not passing I was devastated! However, this course provided a different outlook for me. It gave me a chance to practice my test taking strategies and learn how to analyze the questions. The instructor was great and I feel good about re-taking the exam.
    After taking the course:
    I can’t express how much the course helped me prepare academically and mentally. My instructor was wonderful! She did an excellent job and provided the class with concise information. The class was very beneficial to me and I have no regrets. I would like to mention that I was successful this time with my boards! What a relief. I would recommend this course to everyone! Thank you so much for having this course available. Thank you for my recent success!”
    – Lanette S. Glady, O.T.R. Occupational Therapist, Registered , Saginaw Valley State University
  • “I would like to take this opportunity to thank TherapyEd for providing me with an amazing tutoring experience with Paula. I failed my first exam by 5 points and felt completely defeated–I thought I was never going to pass the exam and almost gave up. I then reached out to TherapyEd for guidance as I had used the book while preparing for the exam. The woman on the phone was so helpful and put me in touch with Michele Emery who hooked me up with the most amazing tutor!!!! Aside from teaching me strategies in how to break down a question and chose the best answer she also gave me confidence and was my ‘therapist’. At times I felt down and honestly quite depressed on how difficult this was for me but Paula pushed me and I really have to say I don’t think I could’ve done this without her!!!! She rooted for me until the very end! Additionally, she was extremely flexible with meeting times and responded to emails and texts promptly! She made herself always accessible to me even if it was just to chat on the phone and to lift my spirits. I feel that many people don’t know about the tutoring that TherapyEd offers and for many this can be all they need in order to be successful on the exam. I want to thank you again for providing this service and for providing the best tutor!”
    – S.W. – New York Institute of Technology