“We are so appreciative of the support and resources at TherapyEd that begin with the personal contacts with the company, the instructors, and the quality and variety of resources they offer. The Office Hours is a great resource for students especially when they are out on their final Level II fieldwork.

Our students who take the course have found it extremely helpful and it seems to increase their confidence with the strategies they learn in the course and the study plans they create.

Personally, I also value the direct support to programs. I am learning more each year as I work with TherapyEd and receive the analysis of student performance on the practice exams and how we as a faculty can reflect and use the results to improve our program to better support student learning. Thank you!
- Heather Javaherian, OTD, OTR/L, FAOTA Program Director, MOT Department of Occupational Therapy School of Allied Health Professions, Loma Linda University
“We did it! We passed. Dr. Toni Thompson and I were an excellent team. I was just about to give up when a friend told me to go to TherapyEd. There were several people involved in me passing but it was Dr. Thompson who finally was a perfect fit. Her focus was on me the student and she wasn't ironing or cooking while she was tutoring me. She taught me how to clinically reason. What helped the most was we took the most challenging questions I got wrong and while I understood the rationale, we went through the question to really analyze it further. Through those discussions other weaknesses were brought up and we discussed those weaknesses. Its very difficult for a person to go back to a center after failing an exam even if it is due to a few points. Since I associated the center with a very negative experience, Dr. Thompson suggested I go past the testing center again, bring a friend and get some lattes and sweets, and after talking to a few people at the center it became a less negative experience. During my 1 1/2 process I envisioned a hero. For me the hero was Rocky. The day of the test I wore my Rocky tee shirt and a Rocky sweatshirt. I sat in my car for 30 minutes and listened to his fight songs and other motivational tapes. I took several Rocky quotes with me such as "Going in one more round when you don't think you can. That's what makes all the difference in your life." Also, "You, me, or nobody is going to hit as hard as life. But it ain't about how hard you hit. It's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward, how much you can take and keep moving forward. That's how winning is done."

I was with one company before and I lost thousands with promises and passing guarantees. The tutor used Quizlet questions and old NBCOT questions. TherapyEd was the one company that did not insist on selling me on spending money on packages. They did not threaten to take me out of the classes if I did not buy packages and if I did not take their tutoring classes. Only TherapyEd and one other company I used did not pressure me to buy packages. Nor did they take advantage of a person who was just simply trying to join a field they loved and was interested in since age 18. They also let me take the class twice. Which by the way is excellent. If I had only gone to TherapyEd from the beginning I could have saved myself a ton of money and heartache.

Thank you TherapyEd for being an ethical and professional company. I highly recommend Toni Thompson as a tutor and I will be a return customer when I go for my OTR boards.”
- Debra Alessio, COTA®
“It exceeded my expectations! It was a great review and gave great hints and practice for multiple choice questions. The instructor was knowledgeable and very good at guiding the group!”
- Megan Shanley, OTR Indiana University
“This book provides a comprehensive, state-of-the-science review in a clear, concise format. It contains beautifully detailed illustration, information organized in an outline form, and a wealth of supplementary resources. It is easily the best PRAXIS review text I have come upon and has been eagerly adopted by our program and enthusiastically embraced by our faculty and students.”
- Rhea Paul, Ph.D., CCC-SLP
“I really believe I wouldn’t have passed without this review book. It was excellent. The chapters were outlined beautifully. The practice questions were great and gave me a real sense of questions I would come into contact with during the test. I have nothing to say but good things about the book. I really liked the explanations of the answers in the textbook. Overall, this review book is great.”
- Allison Biddinger, Western Michigan University
“The book provided a wonderful review for the various topics related to the PRAXIS examination. Students have commented to me that it is a valuable resource! They are particularly impressed with the “Teaching Points” provided with questions including a rationale for making the best choice. I highly recommend this book for all students to prepare for the PRAXIS and achieve a passing score on their first attempt.”
- David L. Irwin, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, ASHA
“The National Speech-Language Pathology Examination and Study Guide is the most thorough and advanced SLP Praxis review manual on the market. It is exceptionally organized with well thought out exam questions. Students would benefit from reviewing it before completing the Praxis.”
- Amy Ogburn, Faulkner University
“The organization of the book has helped divide my studying into manageable units so I am not overwhelmed when I study. This is very important, because there is a large amount of material to study. I love the exam feedback that comes along with the online exams. This is a great way for me to identify my strengths and weaknesses. Many of my friends have bought the book and found that they are able to study more easily as a result. Thank you!”
- Alyssa Lanzi
“I purchased my Therapyed book last year at NBASLH and I started studying the summer following the conference. I read each chapter thoroughly and created exams using the computer program after studying each chapter. I took the PRAXIS exam in February and passed on the first try. Thank you so much, the practice exams really helped me.””
- Areini Arzu Touro College
“This is my NEW FAVORITE PRAXIS prep book. Students who struggle to pass the first time using other study guides are able to pass regularly after using the TherapyEd Review and Study Guide. The explanations of why one answer is right and the others are wrong is the most powerful feature in my opinion. It is my new required text for all PRAXIS prep course work.”
- Janice Smith Western Kentucky University